10 Ways To Put Yourself First Every Day!

Dec 21, 2016 | Prosperity

labradorite from Heart Cave

(Heart Cave’s Labradorite urges you to put yourself first. I want this as necklace for every day!)

I got a message early this morning from an extremely intuitive friend who has been very busy lately.

“I realize I absolutely must put myself first every day,” was what it said.

Perfect message to start a buzzing morning.

I can tell you I’m not immune to the idea of putting important things just for me off until a break in the day that sometimes doesn’t come, and, when I do this, it’s not pretty.

We are the cause or the effect of our days, depending on how much we want to participate.

Every day we wake up fresh with a vacuum of empty space in front of us to fill with thoughts, words and actions. If you don’t start fitting things in for yourself before life fills that vacuum wit other stuff, you’ll likely find yourself coming last in the stream of things that fall into the day for you to see, do and think about, despite your best intentions to come first.

You may have heard how much it’s not selfish to put yourself first. It’s actually deeply vital and allows you to give so much more when you’re full of energy, centered calm and inspiration.

Here are some of my favorite ways to prioritize me in a world of buzzing activity everywhere.

pink trees

1. Getting grounded in bed. I start the day by getting grounded while still in bed, imagining my feet with roots that sink all the way into the Earth’s core. Try this and I think you’ll like it! As you breathe, pull energy from the core of the Earth up through those roots through your feet and all the way into your body, out the top of your head… then send that energy back down, expelling anything energy you don’t need for the day back into the Earth. I do a few rounds of this, breathing deeply, until I feel like I am inspired to start the day!

2. A very clear visioning session for the day along with a list that feels great. Over my tea, I see the whole day unfold in my journal, and make sure everything I really want to do (including fun stuff and me-time and baths and everything!) fit on that schedule easily.

3. A real “beauty” ritual. Recently Murad asked me to be a Beauty Ambassador and while I’m honored and I have come to love the products, the biggest boost that this new commitment has given me is an actual beauty ritual that I do daily, morning and night. The act of a beauty ritual is the act of moments invested in self-care and self-celebration. Whether it’s soap, water and coconut oil or a more prescribed routine, have fun with your beauty time!

4. Art breaks. Me + Watercolors = my life comes back to me when it feels scattered. Paint and feel the energies around me waking up as I do. Art breaks are awesome. Dance, sing, paint, doodle, journal, collage, craft…

5. Meals planned in advance and snacks on hand. A little organization goes a long way where self-care in concerned, especially eating well at every meal!

6. Keep the ringer off.  Workdays, my ringer is off unless I’m expecting a call.

clear space for yourself

7. Space clearing. HERE is why space clearing is SO important. Burn sage, light candles, open windows… you will flourish!!!

8. My personal spiritual practice of Buddhism is non-negotiable. Whatever you practice, make it the one thing you will not miss… ever!

9. Blessing Counting. If there’s ever a way to come first, it’s to focus deeply on all the blessings you have— there are so many and they are so vibrant!!!

10. Daily cleaning time. Clearing, cleaning, polishing and recycling is a practice that is 100% essential in all of our lives. Clearing clutter in every way opens you up to your superpowers.

Which, of course, is why I am so emphatic about it: I need all the superpowers I can get, don’t you?!

Enjoy every minute!!!!

xoxo Dana

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