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Dec 22, 2016 | Creativity

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If you know it’s time to make a change, to confront something, to finally clear the backlog, the to-do-list or tackle the very much ignored aspects of life that get shelved quite easily… start right now!

That unfinished stuff, fueled by waiting for the “perfect time”, can be the hugest creative block, the biggest wall to self-growth, the highest mountain of an obstacle… yet… it can all be finished quite easily.

Let’s put an end to the cycle or pressing the “Hold” button on life known commonly as procrastination. to do list These lists can be soulless, bland and… somewhat impossible to make when you’re procrastinating in a big way.   Get to the root of what’s holding you back & suddenly, you’ll be a glamorous, list-making wizard!!!

Here is an interesting quote from Psychological Sciences to kick things off:

“True procrastination is a complicated failure of self-regulation: experts define it as the voluntary delay of some important task that we intend to do, despite knowing that we’ll suffer as a result. A poor concept of time may exacerbate the problem, but an inability to manage emotions seems to be its very foundation.”

Emotional clutter, disorganization and chaos are at the bottom of “putting things off”, even the most important things.

We all need structure.

According to Psychology Today, one of the reasons we can procrastinate is a lack of STRUCTURE to days.

When there’s a lack of structure, it’s easier for our actions to be guided by our impulses. You may find it easier to distract yourself with unrelated internet searches or checking social media.

If you can start scheduling your time, with real time deadlines to finish things ( setting alarms on my phone does well in this regard!), even if you don’t meet every time deadline, you’ll no longer be the effect of the swimming nature of freestyling your days.

We all need to relax.

Also, if you are really anxious, all that nervous energy doesn’t translate easily into more actual productivity even if you are actually quite busy “doing things.”

Some people have a fear of failing.  HERE it’s noted that “Evidence indicates that procrastination is associated with high levels of stress (Sirois, 2007). To relieve stress, procrastinators shift their focus away from the future toward more immediate rewards in order to avoid high-priority, yet challenging tasks.” If this is the case for your procrastination, focus on the immediate rewards associated with completing the task and/or find ways to relax and reduce stress.

We all need to remember that we are worthy and deserve all good things.

When you doubt whether or not you can complete something, you get stuck in a low-self-esteem-induced state of “maybe.” In “maybe” – maybe I’ll make it, maybe I won’t- procrastination festers and time gets wasted. People with low self-confidence avoid things out of their comfort zone, but in that space of risk is where we grow!

red apples

(*the color red motivates attention so use it well in your days!!!)

Stay productive… even in daily baby steps! 

  1. Focus on how good you’ll feel once you are finished with what you are supposed to do.
  2. Take distractions out of your environment. Log out of your social media accounts during the day if you must. This simple step can make digital procrastination a bit more difficult… and it works!
  3. If the task is intimidating to you, break it down into smaller steps so it’s not overwhelming.
  4. Decide how you are going to celebrate each step forward!
  5. Get help when you need it to get things done that are perplexing because they are all new. It took a whole lot of help to learn to make You Tube videos on my own again after so many tech upgrades, and I put it off for a year because I just… didn’t… know … how!!!
  6. Do the things first that you’re apt to procrastinate about.
  7. Clear every bit of clutter from any areas where you feel the urge to get lazy, stuck or procrastinating…!

The more you raise the energy of your life from Maybe to YES, the easier everything will become!

There is no perfect time. For me, instead, I just seek to make the most of every bit of time.

Getting out of procrastination is the way to harness time to it’s fullest, moving things forward, building momentum and creating so much more genius as you go…!

I’m wishing you so much fun getting things done!



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