The Magic Of Cleaning Up Your Own Messes

Dec 22, 2016 | Prosperity

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It’s really important to clean up your own messes.

I know that some of you may have and need personal assistants, organizers, shoppers, chefs, home cleaning professionals and much more… and that’s wonderful. Some of you may dream of having all this help to keep life running life smoothly, and I am all for it.

Help is great… but your participation is huge!

Even with all the help in the world,  there’s great magic in the DIY process of cleaning up your own stuff, confronting messes and actually having fun creating a clear and peaceful life!!!

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Here’s a wild phenomenon:  If you lament and resent the fact that you have to clean things up- from messy homes to messy relationships to messy finances and more- you might just find yourself with a whole lot more mess building up.

Catherine Ponder, in her book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, talks about a family that resented the bills coming each month so much that these bills continued to skyrocket. When they looked at bills as a sign of prosperity to come, and a non-emotional part of life, the bills shrank in size and became simple to pay.

Same I’ve seen for a decade with home stuff. And life stuff.

If things are a burden, if it’s unfair or a chore, will you ever really do it, or do it right, or will you force yourself through it and resent it even more each time?

Arguments are a place where relationships can grow as long as they’re constructive and approached as a place of learning, not winning and losing.

Challenging times are a place for you to develop endurance, strength and new skills to soar forward if you are willing to take that point of view.

Cleaning your own home and clearing your own clutter are a change for you to grow immensely— more than wishing someone else could do it for you, more than wondering why you are so burdened…

Here’s part of the reason why: we are personally entangled with our stuff and our space, so we will find the best ways to truly be free when we have our hands- and minds and hearts- in the process.

Here’s another wild reason why: if we are confronted with things and accept responsibility readily with cleaning them up- without resistance or anger or bitterness- suddenly it all becomes fun and the obstacles are not as quick to come.


When I was once a very high level Executive Assistant in my past life of jobs, people wondered why I was unruffled by the most problem-filled people, the big chaos-lovers.  The actual position was typically full of the most problems and drama and mishaps, tornadoes of dramatic proportion… but I was super-chill and always had lots of time to leave early and take breaks and never got upset.

I was pretty expert at cleaning up messes, I loved taking things on and beautifully solving them like a game or a puzzle and I found the greatest satisfaction in staying calm and smiling while the world was agitated around me. And the weirdest part was: the more I loved it, the easier it became.

Basically, I found the magic in cleaning up messes.

your home can be your superpower

This idea can liberate you greatly.

If you’re looking at life and it feels overwhelming, unfair or a burden to clean up in some way,  I highly encourage you to put a smile on your face and decide that it will be done with ease and fun by you.

All the help in the world is great. But, it’s so important for you to participate.

Your participation in the magic making of cleaning up is where you’ll learn, have light-bulbs of realization pop on, have things shift… it’s where you’ll see and feel things and understand more about how the mess was created so that it doesn’t get created again. It’s where you’ll become emotionally-released and creatively inspired.

Yes, all this comes from deciding to love your problem solving, mess-cleaning and clutter-clearing.

Smile big and dive in!  The momentum will carry you to amazing places!!!

xoxo Dana

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