8 Feng Shui Shifts To Open Your Life To Your Dreams!

Dec 23, 2016 | Creativity

Are you already working so hard that you can’t imagine doing more, so bigger dreams seem so far away?

Work less! Flourish more! Do this deeply and you’ll be amazed at what happens!

These ideas are all about opening up life to more space for the new.  You won’t lose money, you will gain time and you’ll find more fulfillment if you’re energetically- and actually- more clear in your life and your space!!!  

Here are eight ideas to reflect upon as you embark on making even your most elusive dreams come true!

1. Live softer.  Notice tension in your back, neck, legs, body…and breathe into it throughout the day to release it.  Stretch.  Shut off the noises you have in the background more often.  See if you can sleep an extra hour or mediate a bit more.

2. Play more. Like… really play. What is fun for you will fuel your life.  Your favorite high school sports? Games? Crafts. Arts. Parties.  Adventures. YES!!!

3. Resist nothing. When we insist bad stuff will not happen — I just can’t fail, I must do this- you put a lot of attention on the stuff you don’t want!  Also, when you resist CHANGE itself, you hold yourself in the prison of the past… and that’s not where we want to live!

4. Focus more easily. Meaning… no strenuous focus, but constant focus.  Remind yourself in your calendar or screensavers or phone reminders to focus easily on your dreams at a set time every day.

5. Learn the difference between fear and excitement.  They both feel similar in your body.  Tune in and see if the unfamiliar vibration is excitement and not anxiety.  Get grounded more often: barefoot, breathing, in Nature, in naps.

6. Purify your karma.  Remember that your life is a reflection of you.   Your thoughts, words and actions are shaping life.  Don’t use this idea to blame yourself, use it to elevate yourself!!!

7. Be consistent like water, not excited like fire in spurts.  Regular posts on the blog and suddenly I had a universe of content for you.  If I started out thinking, “I need to do 1000 posts a year.” I would have collapsed.  In flow, it just sort happens.  Consistently work on things and you’ll build real momentum instead of a series of spurts that are overwhelming and make bigger projects feel out of reach.

8. Constantly surrender.  If you need more time, take it. If you’re consumed by worry, let it run through you instead of fighting it off… then be done with it.  If you’re feeling an instinct, let it lead you.  If you’re compelled to move forward… lean into it.  This is such a vital way to make more space.

Less tension.  More love. Less stress.  More flow.  This is the way I’ve seen empires built.

Get in harmony.  Clear your life’s clutter.  Catalyze your dreams!

xoxo Dana

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