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Dec 29, 2016 | Creativity, Sensory Goodness

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I can joke that I’m done learning lessons for a while, but are we ever done learning lessons?

As I sat down to reflect and I realized that the past two years which has been personally monumental really changed the way that I work, how I live and how I guide my Camps, the School of Intention and help my clients for the very much better.

These were all my hardest-won lessons, and I’m glad I took a little time to list them out because they’ve pulled the blurry parts of the year into focus and… suddenly… I’m overflowing with excitement!!!

shine brighter

My lesson #1 : People will show me and tell me who they are… so it’s time to really believe them.   Done and gone are the ideas that people who are not fit to be a part of a healthy life will morph into a healthy part of life due to loving me enough or being inspired enough in some way.  This is the only part of my “magical” mind that I had to give up this year.  Instead, I now choose to see the highest and best versions of these people as often as I can when I think of them… but I steer very clear!

And #2:  I can’t stuff mental and emotional clutter away and think it will dissipate because it’s being ignored.   I really thought I had “handled” some things simple because they were not on my mind, but wow do they show up in life if they’re not really handled.  Life on the outside really is a mirror of you on the inside.  It’s been very worth it to keep polishing that mirror and I’m glad I got the wake-up call to get my own emotional support and life-clearing done in incredible EMDR.

#3: I’m never going to feel 100% ready.  The very new experiences of this year in both career and life that felt like jumping off of a cliff (…and even literally sliding down a volcano!) have made me well aware that it’s pointless to ever think I will ever be “ready” for anything, so there’s no reason to wait to do some of the things in life that I’ve been keeping on my own back burner.

Finally, #4:  Every day my greatest joy is to raise the energy higher around me.  In some way. Every day. That’s my highest aim. I used to think my highest aims were to-do lists or accomplishments, but those all get done as a by-product of super-high energy, not the reverse!   Whether it’s a bunch of flowers on my table or a great phone call, whether I write something I’m excited about sharing or take a bunch of photos of Bob running in circles… I now understand, finally, that this is my aim every day.  The rest falls into place around more buzzing energy and much more joy.

It’s been so valuable to sit down with a clear mind and a willingness to see myself as the responsible party for all the lessons- the creator of my own universe.  I used to think life “happened to me” and that I needed luck, but taking the viewpoint of growth and creativity, suddenly the world expanded and I can choose something new next time, and then the next.

It’s been quite a rush of gratitude and deep appreciation to see that things have all worked out- even with way more tears this year than I would have ever anticipated, not without a few sleepless nights and having made a ton of mistakes- and now I realize that so much has been gained it’s been very worth it.

Here’s to shining brighter and living happier!

What are your big lessons of the year?!  Are you up for writing them down, or just contemplating them and celebrating them?!  I’d love to hear them if you’re willing to share!!!

xoxo Dana

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