10 Simple Ways To Polish Your Home To Jump Start A New Beginning!

Dec 30, 2016 | Feng Shui 101

(you can get these flower bulbs here!)

Did you know that stargazer lilies are symbols of abundance and great big dreams come true?!

I’m so happy they’re unfolding in front of me today while I clean and clear and burn candles and get ready for a new beginning!

New beginnings mean, in my life:  new thought patterns, energy patterns and habits to establish over time and, preferably, with free flowing vibrations full of joy in the air.

Are you ready for a new beginning, too?

So… how do you go from wherever you’re at this moment to this place of more intense freshness?

Today, here are some simple ways to polish what you already have and elevate your home in simple ways that send “fresh start” messages loud and clear every day. 

intention creates reality

Literally, clean up.  Make it something good and rejuvenating to do… with as little toxic chemical load as possible.  I have my best phone conversations while washing dishes, polishing silverware and scrubbing the bathtub with baking soda and orange essential oil.

Give your plants a bigger home.  I have one plant bursting out of it’s pot and I’m taking it to the shop to get re-planted in a big one this week.  And maybe while I’m there I’ll get another to fill it’s present pot!

Consider framing things!  I have 2 posters to frame, one of great symbolic meaning.  Both, actually!    Framing can be a very simple endeavor- there are awesome frames on Amazon and at local frame shops that you can pop your stray photos and unframed posters into for some wow factor instantly!

paint brushes

Create art space.  Right now, I am painting at my dining room table.  Watercolors work well everywhere for me.  But if you like to draw, knit, dance, sing… can you make some space at home for it?

Steam your bedding.  Yes, steam.  Steaming – with a professional garment steamer  (this is mine) which is super-useful to have at home always- is brilliant!!!  If you can’t get your comforter into the dry cleaner or the washing machine on high heat, a steamer will blast it with the heat that kills mites and lots of allergens, giving it a fresh start! Just make sure to let it dry well before using it after gently steaming.  I like to steam my duvets while they are on the bed to make them smooth and wrinkle free.  NOTE: If you don’t have a garment steamer, wash everything in hot water and add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the end of your dryer time if you’re so inclined!

Clean your mattress!!!  THIS post walks you through a method similar to my own method pretty cleanly 😉

Get a new doormat that sings to you with it’s style.  Make it lovely.  It’s what you’ll see as you enter your home very day, and that’s a big deal.

space clearing

Clear space as a ritual that you keep on display.  Meaning… you can keep your sage wands, your candles and your palo santo and all those space-clearing incense wands on display where they remind you to keep the flow going!

Keep your goals visible.  Here is a vision board exercise I created that you can try… or you can literally just keep your list on a nightstand or in a journal you carry around with you or keep on your desk.

And… keep everything clear of clutter including… unfinished projects, broken stuff, unneeded things, unwashed laundry, un-emptied trash… messy computer desktops… all of this clear and clean will propel you forward like a rocket ship!!!

Fresh starts are for every day you need them, new chapters start when you decide that they start, and awesome things happen when you decide they should begin!

Choose excitement, choose energy, choose love and choose to have the best things… because you always deserve them and they’re waiting for you…!!!

xoxo Dana

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