Leaning Into The Greatness Of The New Paradigms Ahead!

Dec 31, 2016 | Creativity

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We are unfolding new paradigms- new ways to think, to experience, to create, to decide and to live in full- every single day that we decide that there are things we’d like to know and grow.

It’s funny, though, how some of us can grow and learn “just so much” and then retreat back to the old ways we know that feel more familiar, even if they’re limiting…. and even if they’re not really ideal at all.

Today, let’s talk about feng shui to lean decidedly into the new and create new paradigms! 

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The thing about change it that it challenges the bedrock of what actually exists right now. And what exists right now, as it is, is pretty fantastic.

I love the right now.

I love my dog in a blanket ball beside me, I love my warm home where I can sit and chant soon in my Buddhist practice, I love the family and friends I have, the love in my life, the rainbow markers to make plans, the Tulsi tea in my cup and the afternoon stretching out in front of me.  I love all of this so much that I don’t want any of it to change dramatically if I’m being honest.

Do you have things you love so much that you want them to stay as they are?

I can see how it can all evolve and improve and become even brighter and shinier every single day.

Can you imagine if they got even better as you grew and expanded your own life?

I can see – finally– how you really can “have it all” and you don’t have to sacrifice your whole life for a job or your career for a relationship or a sense of adventure for a sense of stability.

Everything is possible.

Do you feel that to reach to where you want to be in some parts of life that you’d have to give up others?

You don’t have to give up anything… except the beliefs that hold these ideas in place.

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The mirror effect of life is very powerful.  Look in a mirror and you capture a whole scene even beyond you.  Check out what a full universe a mirror encompasses!

If you’re in love with how things are right now so much that you never want them to change at all, not even for the better, you’ll see that mirrored in your life.  You won’t see much change in your wardrobe, your environment or possibly even your technology.  You likely won’t say yes to new experiences, or you’ll talk yourself out of them for “good reasons.”

If you’re afraid that you’ll need to sacrifice your life to go after your dreams, it shows up in the mirror.  You might dare to go toward what you want and as soon as it shakes up your status quo a little bit, you’ll retreat.  You might see a home full of unfinished projects and lots of general stuff— not too specific.

None of this is bad… it’s just the very opposite of a new paradigm.



I am so committed to a garden that I’m planting seeds indoors even before I have the plot of land all ready to go.  I realize not that if I want to grow things, there’s nothing to do but start growing them. If I worry about having the space, I won’t start, another year will pass and I’ll have no vegetable garden.

I realized that not only is there no perfect circumstances to start things- any things-  there’s gotta be an emphasis on daily growth rather than on the impediments to growth.

You may not have the garden plot yet… but those seeds need to get planted soon!!!

Grow, grow, grow!!!

If you want to lean into a new way to be… see how things can grow.

A new relationship doesn’t need to be an earthquake of seismic change, and it can- and should- make all of your life better in many ways! 

A new job- or a deeper commitment to a career passion- can infuse your social life, your wellness and your whole life with more energy and excitement.

A new workout plan can add juicy momentum to all of life – and bring you more free time- instead of robbing you of your free time! 

A new home doesn’t have to be a burden or a stress, it can be a vibrant, life-changing endeavor.

Daring to be specific, to be open to the new and to suspend your own “beliefs” of how one thing will affect another…. you can chart the course of how things go!

Allow yourself to be more daring and specific about what you’d like without apologies or holding back.

Imagine how every goal you accomplish and plan you follow though with will expand what you already love about your life.

You don’t need perfect circumstances to get started.

Every single day, lean into that new paradigm and the world unfolds in the most awesome ways.  It may feel unfamiliar and it might shake things up… but only in the best possible ways!!!

I am so excited for you to live your dreams!!!

xoxo Dana

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