Five Fun Ways To Bring More Energy To Your Dreams Every Day!

Jan 12, 2017 | Creativity

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It’s a really simple thing to create more energy.

In fact, making the decision to be happy right now is- energetically speaking- one of the fastest ways to bring more energy into your life.

High energy + happiness are the fast track to more ease and flow.

That high energy isn’t frantic, isn’t induced by caffeine or other stimulants—  it isn’t the kind of buzz that makes you feel like you’ll fly away because you’re not very grounded.

It’s the opposite!  It’s rooted in life, it’s free flowing, there’s no tension or racing feeling involved… and it’s where all our sustainable, dream-come-true power comes from!

Today’s feng shui is about simple ways to bring more of that connected, grounded, flowing, delicious creative energy to your every day.

Let’s start simple:

Re-calibrate your own imbalances.

If you’ve been burned out: sleep.

If you’ve been overwhelmed: take more breaks.

If you’ve been uninspired: connect to nature and to the Earth.

If your whole body and mind are breaking down due to your lifestyle, it’s time for a change.

The reason why I am so emphatic about this is that I deeply damaged myself by forcing myself into exhaustion in the name of success, and I see it happen every day all around me… and NONE of this brings big success!

Yes you can “succeed” by pushing yourself to the limits, but that success isn’t sustainable.

We all experience life through our senses.  So, when we amplify sensory information around us in empowering ways, life gets amplified naturally.  Even if you shift just a bit into these modes of energy-building, you’re likely to see overall happier, more creative and more inspired days unfolding…!

See more fire energy.

Candles are a great way to see more elemental fire that will wake up your senses naturally.  I am a big fan of herbal candles like THESE pressed herb candles that you can make (!!!) from Garden Therapy. You can get some pillar candles for the dining room, votives for the living room… you can even bring an LED-powered candle that’s flameless to your office.  When you see more symbols of light- and actually light your candles- you are adding energy to your space.

Drink more natural veggie energy.

These veggie filled juices from Health Central caught my eye because they are full of vegetables and super-nourishing and grounded.  More veggie smoothies, vegetable soups and vegetable juices are a wonderful way to keep yourself more grounded and empowered, drinking in tons of natural energy.

You don’t need elaborate recipes to make leftover veggie soup with what you’ve got at home: saute some chopped onion, garlic, celery and carrots in the bottom of a heavy soup pot in a bit of oil until the onions look a bit translucent.  Add some salt and pepper, loads of water and pile in all the veggies you have on hand, simmering for an hour or two and letting sit for a while afterward so the flavors blend.  You can do this!!!

Blend up some stimulating + minty scents!  Mom’s Bistro served up this blend of oils that is lovely if you’re a big fan of mix-it-up-yourself aromatherapy.

If you’re into DIY, a peppermint body butter like this one can be luscious to add peppermint’s energy to your day.

The simpler stuff is some natural mint body wash or soap in your morning shower, some mint tea during breaks… all very easy to mix into your days.  Note that mint is very stimulating as an essential oil, so you will want to use this stuff early in the day, rather that later when it can actually keep you awake.


Silky textures = energy!!!

Look at how much radiance shines off of sleek velvet, radiant gold… silk… sheen… all bring natural amplified energy to your home.

Think of ways- from some new pillows, to a throw blanket on your desk chair- to bring some sleekness into your day, especially at the times you need the most energy and inspiration.  This gorgeous shift or two can be game-changing!

Adding energy to your environment and lifestyle without pushing your body and mind past it’s point of balance is the goal.  You’ll expand in your ability to do more, to crate more and to feel inspired more often… all without burnout and anxiety.  You may need more nutritional support, more polishing of your home or office, more homeopathic reinforcement as you go… and all of that you can add as you evolve into this more flowing way to live that works best for you.

Stay simple. Stay feeling great.  Stay grounded.  Enjoy the waves of fresh energy coming in…!

xoxo Dana

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