How Lush Is Your Environment?

Jan 19, 2017 | Creativity

lush environment

After years without rain, the downpours in Los Angeles are bringing the trees and grass and plants to life in full, brilliant, energized happiness.  For years, without lushness outside, it felt very sad and scorched and empty to walk down streets lined with dusty bleakness.

To counteract the years of outdoor emptiness, it became a premium to add a ton of lushness indoors in every way here.  As the textures and plants and indoor trees piled on, I realized that this lushness inside is one of the more vital energies to live with, no matter what the weather is!

How lush is your environment?

Here are the top two definitions of lush from Google:

  • vegetation growing luxuriously.
  • very rich and providing great sensory pleasure.

And so, let’s start simple.

lush environment

Lush is Bob’s blanket pile, even it picks up his hair and fuzz from time to time.  Adding it, along with lots of pillows for him and his cousin, were a big lush upgrade that made him monumentally happier.

Lush is my money tree that’s grown over a foot since it arrived in September for my birthday.  It’s full of happy, thriving leaves and stretching toward the sun.  It’s the first thing you see when you walk into my house now: total lushness.

Simple stuff.

Then there’s bigger lushness like velvet sofas, a wall of plants… but it all starts small and easy.

Lush is not complex. It’s layered, textured and vibrant.

I can’t wait to get a lush pile of pillows and a new lounger for my living room soon, once all the painting is done. This energy is delightful.

Any space in your home that feels dense, vacant, boring, unapproachable or otherwise not 100% is a perfect place for lushness.

This is such an easy idea, but to put it into action, you’ll find so many ways that the lushness can light up your life.

Lushness in an office promotes prosperous thoughts.

Lush bathrooms are more balanced and spa-like.

Lush living rooms invite you to gather.

Lush kitchens make cooking more of a healing art.

Lush bedrooms are restorative.

It’s really the energy underpinning so much goodness.

So, if you’re not quite sure the feng shui of things, the easy start is with lushness.  It will make you feel so amazingly at home, energized and thriving!

Where can you make your life a little more lush?!

xoxo Dana

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