5 Essential Oils For Luscious Hair!

Jan 29, 2017 | Sensory Goodness

roses and lavender

Today, I have aromatherapy on my mind.  Particularly, aromatherapy on my hair and scalp!  Essential oils can be bath mood boosting and beautifying, and these days, I’ll take a lot of both!

11 years ago when I got very sick in the health crisis that led me to feng shui, 80 % of my hair fell out and it was a potent blend of essential oils that started to regenerate my scalp and hair, reviving things in a major way.  From there,  I was hooked on essential oils in every kind of beautiful way to use them.

In fact, these days I’ve been using essential oils as part of my morning, afternoon and evening routines.  I add peppermint to my shower in the morning, orange to my kitchen for cheer, I keep a calm blend on my wrists and even have ylang ylang in my deodorant… plus copious amounts of essential oils in candles and sprays and… it’s just awesome!!!

Today, some fun ideas to mix some essential oils into your hair care can spark your own essential oil journey! roses

Before I begin, I’m saying: safety first.  Essential oils are concentrated, powerful and potentially irritating.  This means: test all oils (I test a drop on my wrist for 24 hours to start before using and check to see if I have any irritation (I have had some with a few oils I personally can’t use!)), and I use all “new” oils for me very sparingly and well-diluted to start!  THIS guide can help you to determine some of the guidelines for pregnancy and various situations of safe use.   Always consult with your doctor if you have health concerns, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any allergy concerns. 

I’m sharing some of the best essential oil recipes that have worked wonders for me and others that I know.  Feel free to improvise and make these your own!

AND, before we get started, HERE is my favorite HAIR GROW POTION of oils.  

I’ve had a lot of success with this inexpensive blend of oils on my own hair and while you may need to experiment to find your perfect blend of scalp oil, I use this one as a base for everything!

Now, to the fun!!!


Rosewater for refreshed beauty.

Straight up, super-pure rosewater is my ultimate curl refresher and all over body spray.  I can’t get enough of it!  It keeps my curls bouncy, it requires absolutely no “oil mixing” and your hair will smell like a bouquet!

Vetiver oil for youthful tresses!

It helps reduce hair loss, premature balding and graying. Because it has antioxidant properties, it prevents the aging of hair which results from free radical damage.

How to use:

5-6 drops vetiver oil

2 Tbsp warm almond oil or jojoba oil or another light oil.

Mix together

Massage into the scalp.

Wash off after 2 hours

This smells incredible!!!

Tea tree oil for a toned scalp!

This is a remedy for dandruff as it moisturizes your scalp, and relieves the dryness that can cause itchiness. It also unclogs hair follicles and cures fungal infections. It also promotes hair growth.

How to use:

2  drops of tea tree oil

2 tablespoons coconut oil

Apply coconut oil to your scalp first as this is a very strong essential oil, and you don’t want the tea tree to burn your scalp.  You may want to start with just one drop spread in your palms furl of oil, then massaged into your scalp with your fingertips.

Wash off after 15-20 minutes.

For dandruff and acne control, add just a few drops of tea tree oil to a palm full of your daily mild shampoo and use it to wash your hair.


Lavender oil + Rosemary to invigorate and grow!

Lavender oil can be massaged into your scalp to improve blood circulation, hair growth and the prevention of hair loss. Massaged into the scalp, it can improve blood circulation, promote hair growth, and prevent hair loss. It’s also an antiseptic and antimicrobial which helps control and get rid of dandruff.

Rosemary oil reduces the greasy appearance of your hair by unclogging the pores in your scalp. It also promotes blood circulation and stimulates your hair follicles. It fights against the graying and thinning of hair because it is full of antioxidants.

How to use:

Heat about 3 Tbsp olive oil until it’s just warm: putting it in an oven safe mug or ramekin and letting it sit in a shallow pot of hot water is a good method.  Be careful handling this oil and the ramekin- things heat up quickly.  I am not precise with measuring this, but it is approximately 1/4 cup (3 tbs)

Mix in 6 drops each of rosemary and lavender oil.

Work it into the scalp with your fingers.

Leave it on overnight and cover with a towel.

My acupuncturist had me use a blend of both oils on my stressed skin years ago, and I still use the leftover oil as a skin treatment overall, after a shower, with all the remaining oil.

And, of course, this is just the start!

I’ve used many pre-mixed botanicals, I have played around with various blends of the above, I have used argan oil as a base oil.  Simple, though, is usually the best and most consistent in my life.  Simple, feel-good, happy-making and mood-lifting are my keywords!  If you try your own blends, have so much fun with this!!!

xoxo Dana

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