Today Will Be The Best Day Ever!

Jan 31, 2017 | Creativity

“Today is going to be the best day ever!”

No matter what is happening, this is possible. I’ve used this idea to pull me out of the hospital once, out of darkness many times, and out of despair.   I’ve also used it to make great times greater, to get new jobs, new places to live, new opportunities…

It’s a pretty much anytime type phrase.  Sometimes, it helps me start to see the lessons that are greatness and sometimes it hands me a pretty magical day with no questions asked.

When I live with this intentional start to every day, or when I hook myself up to this thought at any point, things become very exciting, more things fall into place and life feels more adventurous.

When I forget about this for whatever reason, and let a few days go by without intention, I start slipping into a default mode of “Oh, I hope something happens today that’s good… yes, I’m going to hope for it…” and then slip into, “Maybe something great will happen by the end of the week if I keep going…?”

As I back away from intending my days and recognizing that my energy is shaping my days, I start feel like I need a sort of miracle to be granted in order to feel excited again.

Have you been there?!

No matter what habits you’ve had, no matter what thoughts you’ve been consciously or unconsciously entertaining, today you can switch to “the best day ever!” and you can start gathering the forces of energy together that make it possible!

Intention is a superpower. I talk about it often.  I use it daily- sometimes like a beam of a laser and sometimes more generally.  My real “goal” this year is to use my own intention with greater and greater commitment, focus and precision, more energy and more clarity.

If you’ve tried “affirmations” of things you don’t really feel, for example, affirming that it will be the best day ever even though you don’t think it will be, you know you can’t fool yourself.   You will be doubting, and with that doubt, things don’t reorganize in the universe.

So, here are a few ideas to start strengthening your intention every day so that you start believing and knowing that it really will be the best day ever… and you really will have the best meetings… and you really will resolve that argument… and you really will have awesome coincidences bring you great news… or whatever you’re needing and intending!

First, a primer on the power of intention itself. 

Lynne McTaggart, the author of The Intention Experiment, gives a whole lot of great data in this short interview on the exciting power of our personal intention. When I heard the story of the monks, I became entranced by the idea of what my own focused intention could do on a much deeper level.

Suspend your disbelief. 

When I fall off the “intention wagon”  occasionally I watch and read tons of stories like the ones Lynne shares to remind me that sooooo much is possible.  Then, I decide to suspend disbelief and set a very clear intention.  Usually, if I’m out of practice,  I’ll start with something along the lines of “this will be the best day ever” or “something incredible is about to happen.”

There is no special secret you need to do this.

Our creative power of intention is not granted to some and not others.  Some people don’t believe in it or don’t realize it is possible, but when they do, if they do, the same creative electricity is waiting for them.

Say it all day.

You can try to work it into conversations. I’ll get my tea and start talking about the best day ever. I’ll call me friends and talk about the magic happening.  By the time I start talking about it, I am feeling it and seeing signs of it popping up… emails, phone calls, chance meetings…

Keep it up!

I’d fall off when I’d feel I had succeeded and so, you know, I could now lounge around for a bit.  But now, I just keep it up as a daily rule and steer back when I’m off my mark and start feeling like life is “just happening to me”…

Now, get organized to supercharge everything. 

Organize your home, desk and whole life and your intention will flow much more clearly in all that clear space.

If it sounds too easy that’s really good because if it was super-hard we wouldn’t do it!

Right now, my intentions are very clear and I’m realizing my best habits to reinforce them throughout day… and I’m doing them.

You can do this.

Build positive momentum by deciding today, then tomorrow, then every day, about the greatness ahead.

Keep deciding, living in that huge momentum of greatness right now and greatness ahead…

This is such a powerful force for creating change. Imagine if we all start intending in massive groups together every day?!

xoxo Dana

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