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Feb 10, 2017 | The Beautiful

Wednesday, in a flurry of activity, I headed out to the Murad Headquarters of skincare legend to have lunch with some of the team, some new friends and Dr. Murad himself!  I can’t tell you how much I learned about the impact of a brand that is the duplicate of it’s creator (an artist, innovator, wellness guru, doctor and life-lover!) in every way about work, life and living like a toddler! (more to come on all of this!)

Today, I wanted to share what I’ve learned about lifestyle, beauty and even working smarter from Dr. Murad and his glowing team!First off, I am so so so excited to be partnered with Murad this year as a brand ambassador.  I have not ever found a beauty brand that – even in it’s offices-  reflects so many of my core values.  Plus, the consciously created products are so deeply tested on humans and formulated with love and connected to lifestyle… I am thrilled! Can you tell?!

Let’s talk about what I learned from Doctor (as Murad’s team lovingly calls Dr. Murad) about lifestyle and beauty.  Then, we’ll get into the way this philosophy can change the way you work and live!

Cultural stress is real. For years before it was in vogue, the Murad team has been conducting studies on the effects of lifestyle on genetics and aging (ie: epigenetics).  It isn’t just obvious stress that affects us, it’s the small things like daily annoying traffic, too many hours sitting by a computer and too much noise and information pollution that affect us.   It has an impact on how you look, how your body feels and what genes are expressed in your body.

If you want to both look and feel your best, even before you buy a new vitamin skin serum or face cream, de-stress your lifestyle!

Hydration is a big issue.   Hydration affects the health of every cell in your body and the Murad team has a spectrum of fruit slices available beside the waters to load up every drink with intracellular water.  It’s very important to EAT your WATER as well as drinking it, so more raw fruit, more raw veggies and hydrating foods are vital.  Dr. Murad wrote a book about the vital importance of hydration to look 10 years younger, and you can learn more of the science behind this right HERE!

We have new challenges to skincare in the digital age! Here’s a factoid for you: spending 4 days working in front of a laptop (with all the EMF’s and light rays) is equal to 20 minutes in the mid-day sun!  Yes, you can get skin damage from your devices!  Murad has developed a line of environmental shielding products including my new favorite night cream, City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer, to combat this cellular skin damage.

Creativity is therapy.   Dr. Murad is an avid painter of giant, Pollock-like abstract canvasses that feel like joy, lining the walls of the office with so much welcome!  In addition, group painting activities out on the patio splashes with rainbows of paint are the norm there.  We were encouraged to color outside the lines as we colored at lunch and to think like a toddler in all of life and live with far more creative freedom all the time!

Journals are life changing.  The Murad team has studied the physical and emotional effects of journal prompts and daily writing for 30 days on wellness and beauty and the results, including a drop in blood pressure and wider eyes, brighter skin, greater hydration and overall happiness were astonishing.  We saw all the numbers (this is real, and really cool!) and I was floored!

And… as for work.  How can you (& I?) incorporate more wellness into our work lifestyle?

Here’s just some of what they do at Murad, the happiest place I’ve seen so far in Los Angeles to work!  Bright colors everywhere in color-coded areas that mimic the gorgeous packaging of their products (I’m a huge fan of magenta!), employee-made personal art everywhere, color-coded gym equipment to encourage workout breaks, an herb garden (!) and a big bright kitchen, meditation group classes, a plant wall thriving, a no-phones-in-meetings policy to focus and connect with one another… and a big track that circles the work areas where… if you walk a mile a day, you leave an hour early if you’d like!

And that’s just the start of the innovations… as so many more get implemented as the opportunities arise and the needs become clear.

My skin has never been happier and I’ve never been more creatively inspired in a connected way to be a part of a beauty philosophy that changes lives.  The smiles I saw everywhere as I feasted on fruits, micro-greens and piles of avocado speak for themselves.

So much more to come, but for now… how can you connect your lifestyle more to your creative greatness, mindfulness and wellness?!

xoxo Dana



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