Holistic Ideas To Help You Overcome Anxiety!

Feb 13, 2017 | Sensory Goodness

(oh how I love the crystals at @smalltreasuresuk)

I am deeply focused on peace, not anything else.  My whole life used to be a focus on avoiding anxiety.

Having grown up with a parent who was agoraphobic (ie: couldn’t leave the house for a lot of life in intense fear) I never wanted to admit my own panic even though it was having a noticeable effect on shrinking my own activities.  After a few panic attacks descended on me out of the blue, I started avoiding anything that could be a space where panic could happen.

That meant: no travel, no creative risks, no emotional risks that were positive, no classes where too many people were present, no big crowds…

And that just wasn’t going to be my future!

I did a whole lot of life de-cluttering to calm the panic storms, and I’m so happy to share lots of what helped me in hopes that any of it can help you to balance any anxiety floating around so you can focus deeply on peace and how awesome it feels!

No one wishes for anxiety, and when it starts creeping into life, it can be like a disorienting storm of panic. Luckily, that anxiety can be a guide to creating deeper peace than ever before if you can, step-by-step, handle it’s root causes.

I am not a doctor and can not diagnose the cause of your panic or anxiety, but I do highly recommend a doctor visit.  I had my blood work done, my hormones checked and many other exams that showed that a big part of my own anxiety was an imbalance in a few key nutrients and it was fairly easy to balance.  I have had friends with underlying thyroid, hormone and adrenal gland issues that found relief in balancing their bodies.  A medical doctor is a great place to start, and never to be avoided in my book.

Also, a mental health professional is key in all severe or prolonged or troubling emotional states.

None of this is meant to replace trained pros in the doctor world.  But, all of it can support your intentions and re-balancing!

1. Lavender is awesome.  When I first read that by dousing myself in lavender essential oil (drops on my chest, wrists and neck) I could curtail a panic attack, I started carrying it around with me… and that was not effective. It was almost as if I was waiting for chaos to fall upon me so I could bust out my bottle of oil.  Instead, I started using lavender (a few drops) on my wrists regularly in the morning to feel great, and rose on my neck or wrists as well, sometimes, when I need extra calming. Test essential oils properly to ensure you don’t have reactions.

panic attack cure

2. Find some tapping that works.  I love everything that EFT (tapping) and Donna Eden have taught me, and it’s worth experimenting to find your own tapping that works!

3. Get space out of your head.  When I would panic I would feel locked in my head and the way out was easier than I thought: looking around, touching things, touching my body, walking or looking out a window and getting space in my mind really helped.

4. Water. Water. Water. Dehydration is never a state of balance for your cells.

5. Eliminate the triggers.  If you know what’s triggering you, you have a jumping off point to work with pros to start eliminating the sources of this overwhelm.

6. Breathe.  Breathing exercises all the time, throughout the day, have proven so beneficial to stay in calm as a state of normal. I used to just breathe deeply when I felt anxious, and that wasn’t as useful as breathing throughout the day deeply as a practice.

7. De-clutter. Clutter in life was a representation of all of my overwhelm.  Chaos in everything from finances to scheduling, piles of memories stuffed in closets that I didn’t want to see… all of it… all needed to be sorted and dumped.  In the process of de-cluttering I uncovered lots of answers and solved lots of the source of my own inner turmoil.

I’m wishing peace, love and light for you, always!

xoxo Dana



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