Do You Need To Purify The Energy In Your Life Today?

Feb 15, 2017 | Creativity

Right now, do you need to purify the energy in your life?

Every day, I wake up and do a little visualization of my day and wherever I feel resistance (I don’t want to do something, I feel ambivalent or like I’m forcing myself, or I feel strange in some way) I know I have some stuff to shake off in the morning in order to create an awesome day. Maybe I need to make a few decisions, plan things over my morning tea or decide against something I had on my to-do list, but usually it’s easy to do.

And, then, very rarely these days, there are the times where I feel like I can’t see things quite clearly.  Even while I’m in bed and just waking up and trying to imagine something exciting to do, I draw a blank or things feel scrambled.

That’s my little test that says : “Yes, Dana, you have some stuff to detox from your life right now.”

Instead of getting heady and panicked as I used to about these days, I started to get excited about the process of clearing things out.

Here are some ideas to help you to dump the heavy static from your mind, your home and your life so that every day feels far more magical!

Ideally, your space is super-clear and light, you feel in flow and there’s a sense of well being that predominates a day, right?  Super-ideally, you’re thrilled and psyched about every single thing you are doing in a day, but, generally speaking, I think it’s safe to assume that none of us want to walk through days feeling like we’re the powerless effect of life.

Where’s it coming from?  You may not know.  Or, you may know!  Too much news, for example, can scramble us with distortions.  If you’re big on staying informed, let it be a timed experience, like 15 minutes to read a credible newspaper, rather than all day watching videos and reading posts on social media that get loaded with opinions, strife and, yes, frazzled energy.

A specific person may need to be addressed, or a specific problem unwound that’s been avoided.  Even if you’re not quite sure where it’s coming from, you can commit to lighter stuff every day.

Creative electricity is always a source of purity in my experience.  Accessing your creative energy is life-changing!!!  Tap in and make some fun stuff: a diy project, new food, new doodles… sky’s the limit!

Clarity is super-important.  In feng shui, windows are the eyes of your home so to ” clear” your perceptions, clear your windows.  Fun and simple, and the act of washing windows (which may be a big task in itself) can reveal answers to sticky situations popping to mind that you never would have expected!

Distortions are maddening, and you can resolve them, too!  If you’re really stuck on a problem or a situation looms that ordinary means can’t resolve, as yourself if you need fresh perspective.  Is there a distortion of the truth somewhere? I’ve come to see when I can’t resolve a problem I am either 1. lacking clear information (… like, hearing half a story or lacking proper instructions, etc)  or 2. there is a lie somewhere (…like the lying addict boyfriend who hid his addiction increasingly poorly in the past; I knew there was something wrong but could never get at the truth so I spun in circles.)

Decisions are life-shaping.  Even if you can’t find the distortion or you can’t quite figure out why life feels meh and weird and confusing for a bit, you can still decide to focus on what you want and what you want to do that feels good.  Sometimes that decision alone is enough to feel far better and more inspired, and things fall in place from there!!!

There are sooooo many ways to get the confusions and toxic ideas out of a day.  Detoxing life is something I do all the time, and since your home is a mirror of your life, you can start at home if it’s easiest!

Clean, clear space, energize and amplify the good vibes everywhere around you.  Life will keep moving up, up, up!!!

xoxo Dana

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