Feng Shui To Cleanse Your Home & Life Of Creative Blocks!

Feb 27, 2017 | Creativity

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Creative blocks and stuckness at home seem to go hand in hand, but it’s never clear which came first. Did the creative overwhelm create the feeling of only wanting to sleep at home and feeling exhausted all the time? Did the home that piled up too many papers and books and stuffed closets create the creative block?

Really, they are a simultaneous thing in my experience. One feeds the other and soon you have no space and home and no sparkle in life.

You don’t need to be an artist to suffer from a creative block that makes work, self-care and even love sort of dull and maybe even unapproachable.

And you don’t need to have a home full of junk to be cluttered with digital overwhelm, ideas, obligations, energies and even people that stir up tangled webs of chaos.

After finding myself in a place for the umpteenth time of overwhelm + home chaos, I finally dug in an deconstructed the tangled web for myself, and found a very fun way to keep these bad vibes that make life stuck very far away.

Your intention will clear space & un-stick you first and foremost.

Your intention is greater than any sage wand and more powerful than any crystal. Your intention is your best friend in making life happen every day if you start using this power deliberately.

Intention needs to be positive to have an impact.  

What I’ve learned from many years of Buddhist practice and studying with priests and seeing what’s happened when people shot their negative intentions in my direction— they backfire. When you’re mired in toxic life stuff, it’s easy to get negative.   Negative intentions (like the wish to get revenge, the wish for a negative form of justice) are more clutter, so do all you can to let this righteous anger be free and start intending positively, even if you’re angry.

Try to set the strongest, most true-feeling intention and affirm it every day— “I am free of what doesn’t serve me. I easily let go of creative blocks. I release the tension and welcome in grace.” — or whatever words serve you. It changes for me all the time. Say it out loud in a mirror (it’s doubly powerful) or write it over and over again to fill a page in the morning. This will light you up!!! I’ve had to do this at times for 30 minutes to feel un-stuck, but it’s quite game-changing, and a 30 minutes well-spent.

Return to your intention when you feel angst, turmoil or any sort of force creeping into your day.  No one and nothing can intrude on your positive creative life unless you let it in, and you don’t ever need to let in what feels bad.

Art is your life-force.

 This is the guiding principle behind why I dedicated so much of my life to the study and making and living of art. Great art isn’t great because it’s valuable, it’s great because it’s resonant. Great art isn’t great because it’s technically perfect, it’s great because it opens up and excites your energy systems. Great art, in short, makes you glow.

Art turns your world to light.

Do you have art supplies in your house?

In lieu of a sage wand, in lieu of a glass of wine to unwind, try making some art until all your energy fields feel clean and clear.

Haha, I bet that read as a weird sentence to many of you?

Here’s what I mean: If you feel anxious, stuck, preoccupied, worried, tense… all those blocks can dissolve in the creating of art with intention.

Start painting, drawing, sculpting, dancing, singing, making… and you’ll start purging the blocks.

Your art need not be perfect or even anything you’d ever show anyone… but it needs to get made!

Pick a new medium (play dough? pastels? inks? ) and get to making!

The only way out of blocks is to clear them away and making art free-form with intention is one of the most fun ways to clear the energies that are unwanted— with no special skills required!

Intend. Affirm. Create.  Repeat. Daily.  And keep on growing!!!

From this space, the extra home clutter will start to get cleared in the light of higher energy and positive momentum.

xoxo Dana

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  1. Camille Scheewe

    That was just what I needed today. Thank you for sharing. Namaste!


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