Three Feng Shui Ways To Tap Into The Abundant And Inspiring Power Of Nature!

Feb 28, 2017 | Sensory Goodness

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Can you believe that these minerals come straight from the Earth itself, looking just like this?

I’m constantly in awe of what the planet is capable of making naturally with no assistance from us at all, and I’m also deeply moved to do what I can to protect this planet we live on.

Being more conscious of your own consumption and eco-friendly awareness, walking instead of driving, re-using shopping bags at stores or skipping the bag, shutting off lights you don’t need, recycling, composting, upcycling… these are all small and yet magnificent ways we can all protect the planet more and more.

That’s my green-living note of great importance today: when we all start protecting the planet more, we become closer to its energies. It’s very hard to mindlessly pollute and damage something while simultaneously seeking its energy and support, you know? Nature is very honest and simple in it’s harmonies; you are either tuned in and connected or you are not.

If you’re not connected to the Earth you may feel a lack of purpose, a floating feeling, a sense that you can’t get things done, a feeling of powerlessness and many other dragging, drained and fundamentally un-inspired feelings. Tapped and tuned into the Earth, we come alive!

Being tuned in to the Earth is so valuable when you long for support, energy, renewal and truly causative, creative power.   The heart has a measured heartbeat and we operate best in sync with that rhythm. We also have the greatest sense of flow when we’re in harmony with Nature.

Today, start with a simple commitment to go more green. Up your recycling game, create less trash, walk instead of driving, etc, etc, and let that be a jumping off point.

Now, let’s get closer to the harmony of grounded greatness! 

Clearing is Revitalizing. When you clear away the stuff you don’t need, it’s a huge form of renewal.

Deeply clearing your space of the obvious and not-so-obvious clutter and unwanted energies that may be lingering opens your pathway to deeper grounded bliss.

Here’s how I know if I need to do some clearing of stuff in my space- whether it’s clutter, papers, emails, energies or even old thoughts that are looping in my mind.

Sit down and breathe with your eyes closed and your feet on the ground. 

Imagine light in your center, and let that light move out of your arms and through your hands, then down your feel and into the Earth. 

Then, picture the light gathering energy in the Earth and pulling that energy back up your feet and into your core where you start to glow brighter. 

If you feel stuck or distracted or unable to feel the energy flowing through you or from the Earth into your body, you might want to take a day to clear, clean, refresh… and then try again to tap in! When you are more clear in your space, it’s easy to tap in.

Spirals Of Energy pattern all of life. Use them! 

Everything in nature is a spiral of energy at its quantum core. Even history moves in spirals. Healing is often a spiral. And our DNA is a spiral.

The trick to these spirals of energy is making sure they are spiraling up up up and not down down down.


Keep your attention focused on the positive. You are reinforcing the energies all around you, so the more you think about what you want instead of what you don’t want, the more you’ll spin in the directions that balance you and help you to ascend. The more you focus on self-love, the greater your spirals of DNA will become. The more you focus on creating and visioning the future, the more you’ll impact those quantum spirals in a big, positive, awesome way.

Up up up!!!

Keep yourself in line with Nature and you’ll have a way to recharge any time you need it.

Get grounded walking outside barefoot in the grass. 

Get centered in a little grounding visualization. 

Get peaceful with some time focused on eco-friendly “greening” of your life. 

Get inspired by hanging out with trees. 

Keep tapping in to the planet-borne greatness that’s infinitely brilliant!

xoxo Dana

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