Clearing Space To Create More Magnetic Integrity In Your Life!

Mar 1, 2017 | Creativity

Circles and bundles and mandalas and all sorts of rings are on my mind today.

Really, integrity is on my mind.

Integrity, as screenshot directly from Merriam-Webster Dictionary, an invaluable resource:

Sound, complete and moral.

Integrity – in a moral, ethical, energetic sense- is what makes us strong, and a lack of it makes us weak.

If you think about your own energy field as a circle of light around you (and this has been scientifically measured at major universities) a lack of integrity around or within you will weaken that field and start dividing up the sound, complete and vital integrity that supports you.

While I’m certainly not here to tell anyone how to live, love or what is moral or ethical (it’s personal) you do know when you have a lack of integrity in your space. We all do.

I’ve personally made lots of excuses for the lack of integrity of others, and that has only served to make me feel weak. I’ve turned a blind eye to things I knew were against my own morals and ethics in the past and let it stay close to me, and it’s only taken me down with the ship.

Now, I know when things feel weak or I feel off balance, I look to my own integrity and start strengthening it in ways that make me feel solid again.

It tends to make all the rest of the noise, stress and confusions of a day melt away.

It’s also super-magnetic in the best ways to feel the strength of your own integrity energetically and all-round!

If you are super-busy, tired, over-worked, stressed or otherwise off balance, your integrity in an energetic sense starts to bend, and then, soon, the force shield of your light, glowing brightness becomes more permeable.

Start simple with more sleep, sunshine, food, vitamins…

When I do this I feel myself growing more and more impermeable. Now, it’s how I have to live. It’s not a choice, its a must. I’m so sensitive that without the basics in place I start to feel myself getting uneven really fast. A good night’s sleep can bring you so much clarity! So can a great smoothie and a nap! Or a bath. Or anything that restores your integrity.

Clear away what’s not ok.  

Usually I will have a sense of the things I need to say “no” to and the things I need to shred and dump as soon as I feel much stronger energetically-speaking. Clear, clean, polish, compost, recycle…

Realize where you’ve been letting integrity lapse. Not spending enough time with your work? Not spending time with friends who match your ethics level?

I once allowed a man who had a drug problem (and many problems with lies) that he explained away (and had no desire to change) to remain close to me because I wanted to believe and see the best in the situation and in him. My car started to mysteriously manifest dents. I had mysterious things happen with my mail. I watched my energy slowly siphon away and I started to blame him… but it was MY integrity that was off. I had to see that people can do whatever they’d like with themselves, it’s always in our hands to accept or not accept it. By accepting it, I weakened my integrity and weakened my energy fields.

Does this ring true to you in some way, hoping for the best the best but keeping things around you that make you feel bad on a deep level?

Looking back, it’s been a long pattern of mine to believe and see the best, and let myself sort of turn a blind eye to things that we’re not OK for me. This issue with my own integrity resolved after this big experience rocked my world, and I am so grateful I learned my personal lesson.

More integrity makes life solid, strong and glowing!!!

Now, gather up your magic.  

There are symbolic reasons for circles spanning back to antiquity and beyond. After all, circles can represent the sun, they are infinite (they have no beginning or end), they are a stable geometric shape, they represent spirals in many ways that inform how cells organize themselves, they are symbols of unity (i.e. wreaths, rings) and represent so many things that are gathered up.

Today, I am going to refresh my own crystal mandalas. I love them. As soon as I get to flower picking, I will play with flower petals, too.

Gathering up your own magic could be practicing art-making, organizing your desk, cleaning your closet… whatever makes you feel strong and capable and ready to deliver!

One note: don’t be too hard on yourself! It’s never a bad thing to catch your own integrity feeling weak because in the process of catching it, I’ve noticed I always have come back stronger for doing the self-love, the re-alignment and the clearing out of what I no longer needed or wanted.

This is the kind of Spring Cleaning for life that always creates impact, peace and grounded power in the most beautiful ways.



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