Clearing Space For Big Creative Leaps And Huge Forward Motion!

Mar 4, 2017 | Creativity

When I say that clearing space in life is transformational, I don’t mean it in an abstract sense. I mean it in proof that shows up in ways that are very tangible.  Because I have seen the results of clearing so many times in my Catalyst Camp home & life de-clutter over the last few years, I am pretty confident in saying that while the benefits vary from person to person, there are benefits that await all of us who are cluttered in home, mind, emotions, digital stuff, time… All forms of clutter, when cleared, bring things that are amazing.

I wanted to share today my own recent proof of the power of de-cluttering and how much more effective it has made me very recently!!!

I shared this with my Catalyst Camp and here’s what happened:

Last year in November I was asked to do a video project. It was painfully difficult, I had six rounds of tech issues and spent a day at the Apple Store freezing in the process.

Someone bought me gloves as I waited to sort things out. It took about a week and maybe 50 hours all rolled up into one.   I was under the impression when I said yes that it would be simple and fun and I had no idea how outdated, stuffed and out of synch my computer, phone and all my digital systems actually were.

Some clutter lingers under the surface and invisibly was holding me back.  It was after this round of intece clearing and upgrading that I finally returned to You Tube able to make videos easily again.

It was like… a rebirth creatively. My mind has been buzzing!!!

1.5 months later I was askd to do another video and I did it again in about 12 or 14 hours.  I still  ran into trouble with things that I didn’t realize were problems, like uploading vdeos, lacking the right software and having too much stuff stored on my desktop.  A program called Clean My Mac finally was the solve and it cost about 35 dollars.  Who knew this was a thing?
Last wek,  after being asked a few days ago to do a same kind of project, it took less than 2 hours from start to finish to do it, and to do it better than ever, in way higher quality, and with no stress. And it’s way better than before!

I could do this every day now, it’s so simple.

All from clearing clutter  and from upgrading smartly and non-expensively in technology and energy.

This was my proof that things really can be far more simple than I even imagined.

If you are not movng forward for some reason creatively or in any way, check in and see if there’s clutter beneath the surface. Then you know exactly what to clear!!!

xoxo Dana



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