Powerfully Simple Ideas To Worry And Stress Much Less!

Mar 5, 2017 | Sensory Goodness


I just got a download of massive wisdom by Reverand Takano at the Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist Temple that had me watching a light show of ah-ha moments about overcoming worry, doubt and anxiety.

If you’ve been worried, stressed or feeling anxiety, there’s a whole lot you can shift simply to feel calm and causative. In Buddhism, there is this idea of karma- your thoughts, words and actions create your life. Things don’t “randomly” happen, rather, they happen because we have, in thought, word or deed, somehow created them. Even in other lifetimes we may have made causes (thought, spoke and done things) that we experience today.

The practice of Buddhism is all about transforming karma and helping others to shift karma.

We can do this- in part- in everyday life and start creating more peace and presence all around us!!! 

dana claudat

For those of you who are here a lot and wonder why I always go to the same place in Japan every year— it’s because it’s totally magical and life changing. I go to transform my karma. It’s constant, it’s never “done” and it’s all in the spirit of growing and loving life more and more.

When I started all of this I was a mess of worry, superstition, very distorted ideas about life based on fear and… I wasn’t exactly dancing in the streets.

But when I realized that I could be Cause instead of Effect, that I could write a new story, that I could change this stuff that kept coming back to “haunt” me in simple ways every day… well, the whole world opened up!

First thing to share today- a simple karma cleanse that is totally not Buddhist practice but totally based on the principle of cause and effect.

Now, to share my take-aways (ie, this is not the lecture but how I can see to use it!) from today about transforming worry, anxiety and doubt. I wish you could have been there to hear it with me- it was so amazing!

1. Make a positive plan to handle whatever is going on that’s causing worry. Because with a plan, you will have direction and positive things to focus on…

2. Visualize it gone!  Let yourself meditate on life without the persistent worst case scenarios, fears and worries.

3. Divert your attention to the great things, the fun & the funny.  Focus on the happy things and let those be what multiplies.

And keep focused on bringing so much good to the world around you in your own ways!

On that note… back I go to chant for all of us to keep getting happier, lighter and more creatively cause over the future in the most positive ways!!!

xoxo Dana

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