Feng Shui To De-Stress Your Home!

Mar 10, 2017 | Sensory Goodness

Everyone could use more calm all the time, and while a big piece of creating calm is minding your lifestyle and your thoughts, words & actions, the great big not-so-secret secret of stress reduction is an environment that helps you to decompress and feel fantastic.

Here are some feng shui ways to get the stress out of your home! 

Reducing Stress with Feng Shui by Carol M Olmstead

“Screwed-up-ness,” that’s how my client described what’s going on in the world when she asked for tips to turn her home into a refuge from stress and anxiety. I’m also hearing more traditional words like “serenity,” “security,” “peace,” “harmony,” and “balance” from my clients these days. The colors, furniture, and art you choose affect what you attract into your life, and the right Feng Shui combinations will help reduce stress. All rooms and areas of your home are important when it comes to achieving Feng Shui balance, but you’ll benefit most from a Feng Shui makeover in these three:

1. Entrance. The front door is called the “Mouth of Chi” where all positive energy enters a home, and the foyer should spread that energy to the other rooms. Clutter in this area will make you feel like you can’t settle down – it sends the message that you have so much work to do at home that you’re running behind. It’s especially important to avoid piling shoes near the door, because this represent “walking away” from a peaceful life in the home. If you have to keep backpacks, briefcases, and totes in the foyer, keep them in the closet or add closed storage options so you can keep them out of sight. Avoid locating a mirror directly across from the front door where it sends all the soothing positive chi right back out of your home. Choose artwork for this area that makes you feel grounded and happy to be home. If you enter your home through the garage you need to treat it the same as the foyer. Decorate your garage and keep it clean and clutter-free.

2. Master Bedroom. The master bedroom should be reserved for “rest and romance” only. Since it’s the room where we transition from public to private life – that is, from hectic to peaceful – it’s especially important to keep all work-related items out of your bedroom. If your home is small and you must have a work area in your bedroom, screen it off at night with a standing screen or tall plants. Keep your bedroom as free from electronics as possible. If your cell phone is your alarm clock, at least avoid checking email or Twitter right before you go to sleep! The best wall color for a bedroom is a skin tone – from almond to chocolate and anything in between. Place your bed against a solid wall for security and grounding, and add a headboard to support you. Avoid keeping anything under your bed so the chi can circulate around you for an undisturbed sleep. If you must store things there, choose only soft things like out of season clothes or linens. Don’t store your exercise equipment under the bed or you’ll feel like you are “running away” from peaceful sleep.

3. Home Office/Workspace. Whether you run a business from your home office, only pay bills there, or anything in between, you’ll reduce stress by keeping office clutter to a minimum. That means filing things out of sight rather than piling them on every surface. Place your desk or work table in the Power Position, which is where your back is against a solid wall, preferably on an angle to the door. Avoid sitting with your back to the door where you can be “caught off guard” by things that go on behind you. You can reduce stress in a home office by creating a balance between yin and yang, the two opposing forces in Feng Shui, and among the Five Elements. For example, a home office with too much yang – brightness, angles, electronics – can create a stressful environment. Similarly, when you have too much of the Fire Element – fiery red colors and triangular shapes – can make you feel overwhelmed by your work. Place a living plant within 3 feet of your computer to absorb some of the electromagnetic energy it generates.

These are wonderful ideas Carol!!!


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