Feng Shui To Help You When A Fresh Start Feels Stalled!

Mar 13, 2017 | Feng Shui 101, Sensory Goodness

Those melty rocks of resin on a disk of charcoal are a big deal where fresh energy is concerned, and that’s because all kinds of resins help to clear the air of entanglements and stuckness.

But you don’t need fancy tools to make a fresh start.

I am deep in fresh start mode (which is really any season or any time you want to make a fresh start!) and in that season of creativity and making things, a whole lot of themes have popped up to help start a fresh chapter.

You may want to light up a sage wand and get your tea cup filled as we have some simple energy-shifting to do today!

I talk a whole lot about creating a new chapter in life… but sometimes, despite all the motivational articles and videos and seminars and coaches and healers and everything else under the sun, that new chapter isn’t showing itself?!

There are a few things I’ve found lately in my own new chapter that I realize are so in sync with my clients, with friends and family and with that commonsense wisdom that echoes in my mind these days a whole lot… and they’ve all been moving me into a fresh start faster than I realized it was possible.

Resourcefulness is amazing. One of the big reason fresh starts get stalled is “I can’t afford that.” or “I can’t make the time for that.” or some other scarcity issue that isn’t helpful.

Practice resourcefulness at home.  An easy exercise is to pretend your refrigerator and pantry are a cooking competition and make as many creative meals as you can with what you have on hand until you are full-out of ingredients.  Not only will you save food, you will see first hand how much more you can make with less “stuff” needed.

This spills into other areas of life… like creating stay-cations and vacations without a budget, diy home spa stuff, using free technology to start a business, taking books out of the library to keep your mind expanding…

You get the picture: there is always something you can do!

How can you be more resourceful?

Don’t talk about what’s not working… or what has to happen. If one door isn’t opening, there is always a new door.  Ruminating on what is wrong = building what is wrong.  The fastest way to stomp out a fresh start is to get deep into what has not happened and is not happening.

Also, it’s not too productive to keep emphasizing what must happen in what specific way you think it has to happen because it closes the door on so many other ways something amazing can happen!!!

Do you have a theme going of “this is what is wrong” over and over in your conversations?  How about geting really hung up on results before you’ve started?

Nature is everything.  I say this often but underlining it for emphasis today: nature is your greatest fresh start vehicle!  It’s pretty tough to be in a space of deep worry about abstract outcomes in the forest, or at the beach, or in a park… because Nature, intrinsically, is so life-giving, calming, adaptable and grounding.

Can you take time every day to tap into Nature? If you can’t get outside, THIS grounding exercise might help you, as well!

& Fun.

Rather than make it a huge project where you are broken and you need to be fixed in this new life you are creating, what would happen if you approched things as… just… fun?

It can be fun to embark on self-discovery!  Fun to find a new job, new love, new home, new friends, new talents, new passions…

How can things be more fun where they seem like a serious chore?


And with that… I hope you start a fresh start and move into a new chapter with lots of grace and glow and flow!!!

xoxo Dana

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