The Sneaky Creative Self-Sabotage Known As Perfectionism

Mar 14, 2017 | Creativity

imperfection is inspiration

The above sentiment is something I believe in strongly, even if I find myself trapped in deep-seeded perfectionism from time to time….

And I don’t expect you to actually be inspired by this story, though it may help to liberate you a bit if you, like me, has a perfectionist bent…

Recently, it was a blow up that cost me a week. Luckily I learned from it!

It all unfolded seamlessly in a well-meaning progression of creative expansion.  And, then the trouble started brewing.

I started moving the online Camps to a new system where they will all be so streamlined, even more user-friendly, gorgeous… and they’ll have tons of flow… which is super-feng shui, you know?!

And I’ve been bouncing off the walls in excitement as I shoot photos, load videos and polish up the most gorgeous designs I have ever been able to do within this context for all of my Camp members…

So… yes…it was…all… great!  And it is all great!

Somewhere in this flurry of gorgeousness and newness a switch went off in my brain that said… “maybe it’s time to re-shoot everything for this new gorgeous system so it’s really new…”

I decided to start re-vamping the core de-cluttering video series.

I figured… “Well, if the Camp is going to have a new home it should have new videos and…”

I started to set that up.

  • First, it was how to make them more valuable and useable.  Mind you, these videos have been the core of a huge and super-successful program, but you know, it’s always great to do more, right?  Truly, it’s not great to always do more… but I was on this train and it waas not going to stop…So I sat to pull together ideas and review successes and I came up blank so I decided to try a new approach.
  • Then, it was how to add more data to the videos and I pulled together more data and it felt like it was too much for the videos because it’s out of context and boring… and… then….
  • I decided to shop for sage and palo santo and resins and all kinds of fun things for the videos like candles and crystals… This was fun (!)  but, again, not really useful to the video-making.
  • Finally, I decided to really sit down and watch the videos with fresh eyes after a long walk.
  • There was nothing to change.  
  • And then, life took a turn and pulled me away from a shoot day to do other vital things…
  • So, with more time, I decided to ask the Camp members (since it’s for all of you who join the Camp!) if they wanted the videos made over for any reason.
  • It was a resounding NO. Unanimous. No, no need, no re-do… not wanted…
  • A NO!

And one Camper told me what I have said in the context of feng shui: “If it’s not broken, you don’t need to mess with it.”

I love it when my own work comes back to teach me.

Essentially, I swallowed up a better part of a week in the process of re-doing videos that I didn’t need to re-do.  Luckily,  instead, I’ve already started adding so much additional material to the Camp itself that feels even more glittery and exciting and space-making and all that stuff that’s coming easily.

I was trying to be a perfectionist…

…and in the process I would have lost the joy, magic and love in those videos that I almost re-shot.  There may have been a few extra tips added in… but there would be a whole lot lost in the translation because the more I approached this project the more blank my mind became.

perfect moments

The moral of the story for me (and perhaps helpful to you): 

It can feel like a good thing to always want to improve things, and, generally speaking, wanting to make improvements is awesome. But, before I launch into upgrades I am asking myself—

Is it a needed improvement or a way to try to tip scales toward perfection? 

Is it creating more value in your life and/or the lives of others to improve this thing? 

Am I coming up blank with creative ideas and strugging to intellectualize the changes I’m thinking of making? 

Does it feel forced instead of flowing to make these changes?!?!

In homes, I am very big on doing what’s needed and not layering on top of that a whole lot of extra, unnecessary stuff.  And today, I just got my lesson returned to me.

xoxo Dana


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