Feng Shui To Create A Space For Visualization!

Mar 15, 2017 | Creativity, Home Style


Where do you envision the day every day?

Best to start with: do you envision the day every day?

I am a very big fan of quiet moments of visualization.

In fact, after I write this, my fur baby Bob and I will go about 15 minutes of visualization: creative reverie, seeing all kinds of fun unfolding together, before we get into the next part of that day.

Why visualization?

It’s actively creative. It’s a great way to focus on now and look forward. It’s so much fun.

And: In the quantum world, it’s a process of creating the future. Literally shaping the future. With your visions.

You don’t need to have any special technique to kick back and see wonderful things unfolding in your imagination, but a great environment will support you tremendously!!!

Here are some ideas to make a visualization space to elevate this charmed, powerful, actively manifesting part of your life at home!

Above, a killer fabric canopy hangs over a stack of futons. It’s pretty simple to assemble and the final result is nothing short of enchanted!

(cox & cox hanging chair!)

There’s something epic about a swing, but we can’t all hang them from our ceiling…. so… this one above is so divine!

(freepeople blog- I love this!)

A faux sheepskin soft rug, a few pillows and you’ve got some space to stretch out and dream.

Do you have space for a rug, a blanket or a throw that you can unfold for your dreamy visioning time every day? Think soft textures, eco-friendly and most importantly, cruelty-free when you are picking out your rugs!

(garden relaxation from jeffrey bale)

Aspirational outdoor paradise brings to light how a chair or rug on a patio can be divine. Being outside is an awesome way to gather up and infuse your visions with more natural energy!

Is there are way to add more plants inside or more seating outside so you can envision in the dynamically grounded sanctuary of the Earth?


You can even make your bedroom a bit more dreamy with a canopy, extra fuzzy blankets, tapestries or quilts. I have a manifestation quilt over my bed (message me if you want one, the woman who makes them is extraordinary!) and a lot of layered textures of silk and patterns so that my imagination is always activated in a calm, welcoming and cozy way.

Spend a few extra minutes before you leap out of bed each morning seeing things visualized in all kinds of exciting ways.

Play with this space-shaping and have a ton of fun with the visioning of awesomeness.

xoxo!!! Dana

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