How Much Do You Believe That Awesome Things Are Infinitely Possible?!

Mar 16, 2017 | Creativity

Your life. Your way. That’s the goal and the dream, right?

If any of your dreams and goals feels really far away even though it shouldn’t be very out of reach… like… super-far from where you are… you might need to open up to more infinite possibility.

Infinite possibility is the truth of our lives. It’s the energetic truth of all Nature. It’s the actual “reality” rather than the pessimistic “reality” that cynical people tell you that you need to pay attention to when you are dreaming too big.

Infinite possibility is everywhere… but almost all of us (me for sure!) need to clear away the stuff in the path toward that possibility in order to experience more and more of it every day…!!!

There are so many reasons to open up to greater possibility, opening life to the infinite awesome ways you can spend every day. And, yet, there’s no one single way to access infinite possibility.

From years of stuck-ness and clearing the clutter of that stuck-ness that was deeply practiced out of my own life, I have gathered some ideas that might inspire more thoughts of awesome possibility!

1. Read stories of what’s possible. Those awesome videos on social media that show people and animals overcoming the odds are the stuff that dreams are made of!!!

2. Create a list of every time something magically fantastic has happened to you or someone you know- everything amazing (even seemingly small things) qualifies for this list!

3. Travel if you can at least a few hour drive from your home so you have a sense of how vast space is… or, if you can’t get away, take a hike or a super-long walk for a day and check out the scenery.

4. Keep your dreams to yourself.  (Or to an extremely small group of 10000000% supportive people!)

5. Clear clutter from your home, especially clutter in areas where you feel weakened. If you feel like you struggle with self care and wellness, clear out your bathroom, bedroom and your pantry… If you’re struggling with money, start with your bag, wallet, desk and computer. ( The free decluttering videos are HERE to help you sort this stuff out for good!!!)

6. Watch the stars. The Medical Medium suggests that gazing at the stars can re-wire your brain in positive ways. I find that the stars are just pure cosmic fantasy in ways that open life to a way more vast infinity.

7. Steer clear of predictions. While my Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist temple doesn’t tell me what to do on a daily basis or ever for that matter (i.e.: there are no rules to day to day life that are hard and fast because we all have our own karma), I asked a priest about tarot cards and horoscopes and if they were Buddhist friendly. I got an interesting answer. Life is unlimited so if you put stock in what cards or specific predictions tell you as the ultimate truth, you limit yourself greatly.

8. Pray Rain. See above. That journal is soooo fun.

Yes, it’s true that you might not get everything you want instantly… but you’ll enjoy so much more of every moment living with the expectancy of something great rather than being cautiously optimistic, realistic or any other words people use to express their doubt and lack of belief in the true infinity of possibility!

Enjoy. Every. Moment.



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