Simple Ideas For A Refreshing Spring Diet Cleanse!

Mar 21, 2017 | Food-Shui

(body unburdened)

After a week in Chicago that was a creative infusion but perhaps not a body detox (oh I love you Chicago!) I wanted to start Spring feeling fresher and in a more plant-filled, vitamin-rich, hydrated state of mind.

Right now, the organic broccoli is steaming.  I had a big banana nut-butter ice cream bowl (two peeled + frozen bananas, a tablespoon of nut butter, a tsp of natural vanilla and a few fresh dates in the vitamix = perfection!) earlier, and I started the day with sliced avocados and herbs.  I’ve been swilling green tea mixed with peppermint and I’m about to boil up hot water for a  cider-vinegar-honey-cayenne tonic before I head out to do a few important errands. I’ve been napping all day and I’m ready for a salt bath tonight with a few drops of rose geranium oil to make it x-tra fancy (though not needed, it’s awesome!)!

This is my kind of detox.  Mostly plants, lots of tonics, big salads and a spectrum of nutrients.

Juice fasts and all kinds of extreme detoxes just don’t work for me.

As Spring moves into Summer, I will likely be getting into more raw salads, more and more melon breakfasts and piles of fresh berries and…

This is how Nature works, so I figured I would start following it.  I feel better than ever.

Lighteing  up a little and eating with the seasons is ancient wisdom.

The chart above has some unique ideas to make Spring even lighter- like watercress, greens, seeds… I can’t eat grains at all… but I’m excited about more fresh turmeric.  Fresh lemons.  Fresh garlic mixed with honey as a wellness tonic.

Spring cleansing for me is very simple—

Loads of fresh plant foods

Lots of easy kitchen tonics (even simple hot water + lemon)

More Sleep

Detox Baths in Salt

More water.

+ No negativity!

Nothing that involves starvation, over-doing it with extremes, deprivation, chemicals or any kind of rigor that feels intense; it doesn’t feel like it’s any kind of relief to be so full of stress on our bodies, you know?!

Here’s to a light, easy, refreshing Spring!

xoxo Dana


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  1. Anamae

    omg sounds heavenly!!! can’t wait to see pics of this journey


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