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Mar 25, 2017 | Creativity

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Everything is energy. It’s a mind boggling concept to imagine that wherever you are sitting or standing right now, that material is actually a vortex of spinning sub-atomic particles. All bonds and matrixes and grids and agreements.

I’ve been reading the history of Quantum Physics and it’s proofs for quite a while in small bits.  Quantum Enigma is an awesome book of the actual deep unravelling of what we once thought was reality as Quantum Physics emerged as a provable fact. I have to read it in little pieces because it makes life seem to melt unless I really assimilate in pieces this awesome vibrating ball of truth we call existence.

Now, to step back from the holograms for a moment… there’s a big implication of all this energy:

Our ability to intend things, to create things, to shape and construct energy means that we are able to, in fact, create a life that feels and looks and is what we wish it to be. And the quality of your energy will match the outcomes of your creations.

If you are looking to elevate your life, make things that feel and look better and brighter, have more of an impact… instead of simply “making more stuff” instead, tune into the energy with which you are creating things!


I’ve talked about the idea of cooking food with love in the mix. It is a powerful way to become an awesome chef, if only for yourself!
It’s part of why I am obsessed with food accounts on Instagram that sing with energy- you can feel the love that created the food. I mean, look at this porridge from The SunKissed Kitchen! I can feel it like a giant hug!

You don’t need to be a food stylist to make food with love. Nor do you need to be the greatest wordsmith and storyteller to get a point across in a presentation. You don’t need to be a world-class trained artists to make art that changes lives. And, no matter what it is you do all day, professionally, personally, in very way… it’s not what you actually do but, rather, the energy with which you do it, that will make it work.

What is your energy like when you are at work? 

Even if you are doing what you love, have you noticed the difference in what you create when you are making yourself do things instead of feeling really tapped into your creative flow?

I have times where the blog flows effortlessly and meaningfully from me. It’s the only times that I write now. So, for those of you who were used to my posting at least twice a day for years, you may notice there are gaps of days sometimes and then I’m back. It’s because I realized I can’t force myself to make things that are worth your time to read, and sometimes I need to step away to come back with my own spark ignited.

I took off a whole year from You Tube vlogging for the same reason— my energy was not in it for a spell as I had a lot of other things to create. Now, it’s so fun for me again I can’t wait for the next videos…!!!

And this is all stuff I learned the hard way.

Still I remind myself, when things aren’t feeling right, or there are other things that require my energy with deadlines, to not force things to flow. It doesn’t work.

If you are forcing yourself, feeling resentful, un-fed, dehydrated, upset… you might want to take a walk, get some food and come back with more vibrance to infuse into everything you make!

This energy WILL create the products you create, from spreadsheets to computer programs, a family that feels loved, plants that are thriving… everything!

What energy do you infuse into your creative products?

We decide things based on their energy.  It’s becoming more clear to me every day.

When I am at a trade show filled to the brim with products, I find myself pulled to the ones that have a story that’s transformational.
Everything from meeting the designer of a masterpiece makeup brush cleaner to finally wanting a french press because it will bring 50 days to clean water to someone in need… there’s art, there’s love, there’s something much bigger infused in these objects.

This energy is what pulls us more and more. We seek more truth, we want more high-touch experiences, we are all rising and waking up more… and that feeling of love and care and detail and wonder pulls us in.

Infusing your environment with high energy will change your life. 

There’s a reason for all those sage wands and resins and housecleaning and polishing… it is a form of practical magic.

Not only will you transform what you don’t want… but… as you connect to your environment and raise your own energy in more and more clear space, you start infusing all your words, all your thoughts, your curtains, mirrors, pillows, rugs and everything else with love.   Literally everything starts becoming more sparkling.

You can do this at any time.

Pick up a pillow. Shake it out. Give it a hug. Imagine love flowing into it. Now see how that feels. 

The more clear space you make in life free of the energy infusions and entanglements that you don’t want, the more you’ll find you can access and flow higher energy to everything around you. From brushing your teeth to shampooing the dog, making your bed to completing the next chapter of your novel with a sense of excitement… It all becomes a creative burst of energy and glitter and love and this is all stuff that energizing science is standing behind more and more!!!

Keep raising up your life, keep shining bright, keep infusing awesome energy into your environment and everything you create… and keep on expanding as you go!!!

xoxo Dana

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