Feng Shui To Manifest Faster And Set Great Things On The Way To You!

Mar 27, 2017 | Prosperity

feng shui to manifest

Using Feng Shui to manifest your dreams with more speed is refreshing, practical and magical all at once!

You are electricity and light. Stardust and glitter.

You might be in a strange mood, on edge or not quite fully present right now but if you take a deep breath, rub your hands together and separate them you will feel your electrical charge between your hands. You are that powerfully creative. Your hands, your whole body of around 50 trillion cells and your every spark of imagination are all activating the world around you.

If you’re not feeling that enchanted right now, I get it. But, even tons of science says we get more of what we expect… so deeply expecting greatness is a proven thing. Even if you aren’t feeling like a ball of glitter right this second, a little Feng Shui to manifest more can help you set great things on their way to you!

A new way of approaching things opens life to a new way of being.

It’s not like we are raised to believe that we are beings that create the Universe.

We’re taught we need to figure out the “right things to do” or go to the right schools and get the right grades and pray for luck and be so many things in so many ways that it doesn’t feel like cosmic stardust. Deeply entrenched in thinking, hoping to make right decisions and looking to “wiser” people for a blueprint and the right answers is all a product of what many (most? certainly me, in this case) were taught.

In learning about Feng Shui at an all-time low in my life, the stunning paradigm shift I stumbled upon was spectacular: if I designed my space in a way that looked like me at my best, the rest of the shifts and changes and stuff would follow.

I didn’t really believe it at my core— I had so many beliefs about the ways things had to go, the road to trudge upon, the intensity of work to a breaking point to succeed— and yet, I tried it anyway.

Many years later, and a lot of old beliefs thrown out the window along the way, and I can say with certainty that the world is full of forces that are not mystical – they are very much real and some people can actually see them- and we can deliberately chose to shape, direct and unlock these forces if we want to do it!

Play around with connection to more energy.   See if you can get relaxed and ask yourself some questions, feeling the right answers in your body.  See if you can clear negative energy from your space with some house cleaning fueled with positive intention.  You CAN do all these things and much more, you just have to tune in a bit…!

See the signs. Ask to find an answer. Proclaim out loud the answer you need and absolutely expect to see a clear sign.  (***this is super fun!!!) Whatever you need to see will show itself to you if you can suspend any disbelief long enough to let it become clear. I have seen signs I needed to see that were always in my neighborhood- I just missed them when I was busy overthinking instead of staying open to the energy around me!

Create new energy patterns.  Walk in a new direction. Get a new bar of soap. Eat with your opposite hand holding the fork or spoon. Create simple new energy patterns by switching up the way you do things! Shaking up your home with Feng Shui to manifest more is the ultimate version of creating new energy patterns!!!

Let art guide you. Doodle freestyle or paint and see what comes of it. This is often my way into major solutions I have needed to find!

Make your doorway inspiring.  We welcome people in through the doorway so make it sparkle. I just swept and sprinkled sweet orange oil in the corners of my hallway. Can you add a doormat, a fresh coat of paint, even a wealth or some art to your door?!

Set intentions that light you up! Bold wishes = more fun every day. Don’t be afraid to dream… but… rather… dream bigger than ever.

Let the magic flow through you! This is so much fun and so freeing. The “worst thing that can happen” (haha, in case you started thinking too much about it!) is that you feel great, and the best thing that can happen is that you start living with more of what you need and want right away…!

Enjoy your magic!

xoxo Dana

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