5 Signs Your Life Is Expanding (Even If It Doesn’t Seem Like It All The Time!)

Mar 28, 2017 | Prosperity

Not too long ago, I was sure I was going to call a Real Estate agent, find myself a house in Palm Springs free of scorpions and snakes so the dogs would be safe, preferably near where friends live, and just leave LA completely.

A series of trips out of town showed me how many more things I could be doing in a day, how much I love the sunshine and how cool it would be to create a whole new universe. After all, I spend some days up till super-late typing and creating and even doing consultations in faraway lands in LA and in Palm Springs I would just run around with the dogs and style and re-style my house and garden, you know?

I called a friend to say things I don’t tell people because of how super-complaining it sounds when people need water and food and clothes and shelter but they were weighing on me: that I realize I designed my dream life but it’s not complete, that I’ve been getting seasick feelings of a sort of energetic weirdness, that I’m so grateful but I am so in need of some personal new experiences, that I just cleaned out my closet fully because my clothes feel strange on me, that I have to do something extra and new and I don’t know what it is yet…

And, then, I told her I was going to move to Palm Springs and find it!

She happens to be an intuitive and an energy healer and all sorts of magical things so she let me talk and then she said… “yeah, you know, you’re just expanding.”

A friend texted me the same thought she had about me while I was having this conversation. Then, bubbles from a bubble machine blew past me on the street.

I don’t know how many signs of confirmation you need to believe something, but I guess I needed many!!!

I didn’t leave town- despite how uncomfortable, restless and ready I was to create a big change- and life really is expanding.

Could it be that the restless, unusual, wildly uncomfortable, even “ready-to-throw-in-the-towel” feelings you have are a part of your own growth?

I’ve come to see in clients easily and now in myself in a way bigger way that there are so many signs that you are growing that don’t look like a perfect Instagram picture and don’t feel like a cloud of candy… but they are really awesome and you might take comfort in knowing that you aren’t sliding backward, you’re flying forward!

Could it be that all this strange/uncomfortable/weirdness feeling you are having is a sign you are growing and expanding even if it feels so strange?! Could it be the … “wait, maybe I should stay where I am and not move forward,” feeling is a way to avoid the super-uncomfortable potential of the totally new?!

Restlessness.  If you have no idea what to do with all the energy you have now that you’ve made positive changes, this is awesome. After a woman in Feng Shui Camps told me she’d cleared so much clutter she didn’t know what to do with herself and all her free time, I saw vibrantly why so many of us stay stuck in certain ways. I mean… once you ditch the clutter in life that held things back… NOW WHAT?  

That restless energy is something that was driving me to Palm Springs to retreat, but when I stayed here in LA, I realized that I had so so so much to explore around me— from art to Nature to new people and new ideas- that I could funnel all that energy into exploring instead.   What I found was immense bounties of new people, new ideas, new events… and now, I am far from restless!

If you’ve made a big positive switch in life and feel all this energy that’s been uncovered needs an outlet… start exploring!

Nothing looks right that used to look right! Do you suddenly feel the need for a new sofa, painted walls, new clothes or even a new hair color? When you shift up to higher, lighter energy, your awareness shifts, too. Start exploring options for the new and see what strikes you as something to try now and what can be added to your wish list.  (*Wish lists are so much fun, try one if you don’t have one!!!)

People seem different.  You might realize that people aren’t that fulfilled. You might see that some people are stuck in negativity, anger or fear that you never saw before. You may meet people or get to know people better that are really in line with your life and where you are headed that sort of pop up.

You need more sleep, more water, more food or more meditative time. Every time I take on bigger projects or embark on a big personal spiritual trip or a lifestyle change that I’m excited about I find I need more of all of the above or else I feel really out of whack! If the feeling of discomfort when you are out of your comfort zone gets too great, you might want to try one or all of the above.

Interests and priorities shift. What was once appealing is now not the alluring pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This is always awesome… and I realize for me it doesn’t mean I have to let things go, it just means I need to focus more on what’s important.

How can you add more meaning to your days and more life to your life so you are inspired to move toward the rainbow and find that gold?

Keep making space in your life for the new, keep embracing the weird spaces between things as exciting and keep on moving forward…!!!

There’s no way that you’ll know exactly how everything you want will work out before it happens, but you’ll have so much more fun getting there if you can glide through the times of expansion with lots more grace and ease!!!

xoxo Dana

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