Are You Spending Too Much Time Looking Backward?

Mar 28, 2017 | Creativity


It’s tempting, I know.  Backward looking means: you know what happened, you can analyze it, you can revel in the good stuff or focus on what you didn’t want and you have all the data.

There’s no “omg, what is going to happen?” or… “how am I going to do this?” … or “will it really be OK?” moments looking backward.  It’s all already done so it’s somewhat comfortable to look back.

But, backward isn’t forward.  And it’s also not a good predictor of the future, really.

If you invest money in stock markets you probably know this instinctually.  If you help people in some way to heal, you see this daily.  If you look at your own past and how much you’ve grown I am pretty sure you can say personally that you aren’t apt to repeat mistakes you made 10 years ago, right? (I am 100% sure I would not, no way, never!)

So… today… let’s start to experiment with what happens when you very simply decide to look forward more and more every day. 

The past is a great big compelling story, you know?

But if you were raised to believe that this story is your destiny, you might want to start decluttering this notion from life right now because even if it was the most awesome story… it’s limiting all that you can do right now and moving forward…

I used to live in the past.  Wherever my life ceases to progress, I realize that in some ways I am still looking to the past and stuck there.   Sure, what happened in the past can be instructive, life-shaping and full of every emotion… but what matters is what you decide to do now. This is where you can shape, twist, turn and craft energy in wild ways.

It’s the choice between two ideas:

My life happens to me.


I create my life. 

I know a whole lot of people who had a past so dark that their very existence seemed unlikely, but they are more than fine now, they are thriving.  They just don’t look back very often unless it’s for a very constructive reason. They have found incredible amounts of solace in being present.

There’s an awesome Thoreau quote:  “Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.”

What direction do you want to go in?

Showing up today and looking forward is really is the only way to go, you know?

So, if you’ve had your attention fixed in the past how do you switch it up? I have no absolute answers but I can tell you how I moved out of  living almost exclusively in the past….

The easy one: Catch yourself dwelling on the past and do anything else but that!

The more tricky but big one: decide to de-clutter the trauma from the past wherever it can be keeping you stuck.  EFT can be a great tool. EMDR is a big one.  Whatever methods and modalities you find that free up your mind anywhere your attention is stuck on negative parts of the past, the better you will feel and the less attractive it will be to dwell on the backward!

A suggestion that has changed every day of my life: practice getting grounded every day.  It’s hard to be present and look backward at the same time!

And, a super- life-changing one: de-clutter your home of all the bad memories and things that suck your attention backward in ways that aren’t helpful.

The less you look backward, the more you can love right now, enjoy right now and create major change right now!!!  And even if what’s waiting for you right now isn’t 100% perfect, when you show up fully you can get through it far more easily and move onto the thrilling stuff in every day!!!

xoxo Dana


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