Creating Your Own Luck Every Single Day!

Mar 29, 2017 | Creativity

There are so many ways that we have magic. We have so many emotions, we are living on a planet of all sorts of natural wonders, we can choose every moment, we have grids, spirals and rainbows of light working through us that we can shape and enhance and play with all day… we can focus our intention (which is a measured, scientific thing!) to create outcomes and we can love and we can be love and…

There are so many ways we are magic.

And if you are not feeling magical right now, chances are there’s the opposite feeling I know so well: life is just happening to me, some people have a secret that I don’t know, I must have done something wrong, I am just not lucky with this…

That stuff isn’t true!

We are all living in an unlimited place. We all have our own gifts, our own talents and our own unique contributions to give to this world. Sometimes, though, they get hidden, blocked, stuffed in closets and buried under a pile of thoughts and emotions that feel make them hard to see.

They are still there!

And they are waiting for all of us.

More luck can be just a small decision away…!


I don’t always feel like magic. I know I have not always felt it, and I don’t always feel it.

And sometimes the reasons are clear:

Hungry, tired, thirsty, upset, thinking too much…

Before you launch into the cosmic reasoning that a day that isn’t going your way is all just terrible, ask yourself if any of these things are happening at the moment.

Eat, nap, drink, relax, get lost in a fun video or a long walk.

Simple stuff.

That alone can get you back in your naturally magic state.

It doesn’t have to be “hard” or “complex” or full of crazy procedures for it to work. It’s quite the opposite.

You, who you are, is naturally magic and luck and synchronicity and all that great stuff.

Also…worth mentioning if you’ve had a spell of feeling a lack of magic.

That feeling of luck is a habit for people who seem lucky. 

They tend to expect lucky things. Like my friend who can make the most outlandishly unpopular decisions based on intuition and constantly triumphs. Quit college and after two years of working offered a free PhD from a top university. Had an idea for a job so quit his great one to score the biggest contracts in the field. We all say that it’s just “him.”

What it really is, though, is just… thoughts, words and actions at work in harmony. 

Build up your stores of “good fortune” by building up your sense of alignment. Look for the things that are going right. Celebrate the good things that happen every day, every single smallest one. Take action every single day.

Pay attention to how much resistance you feel in yourself…

If you’re “really trying” to be positive, chances are you’re forcing yourself to mask a whole lot of negative beliefs, confusions, clutter and more with a lot of energy.

Sometimes it can work to “push you through” a day… but that’s not easy to do as a lifestyle.

Clear the clutter of those beliefs and that confusion with action and things become way easier.

Dump what’s piled up in your way. 

Clear the decks of things that you don’t need any more. 

Lighten up your storage, even in your computer!   

Untangle toxic ties to people and places that aren’t for you. 

All this and so much more relatively simple life and home decluttering will make room for that simple, natural, awesome essence of your energy and spirit and true self-empowered and glowy and great- to shine brighter.

This is where the stuff we like to say is luck starts flowing. It’s not a mental exercise, a force or a secret.

It’s who you are. Absolutely amazing, unlimited and spectacular.

xoxo Dana

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