Here Are Some Huge Reasons Why Positivity Is Essential!

Mar 31, 2017 | Sensory Goodness


If you want to make a big life change there’s only one universal truth behind all of it that every form of science and school of thought agrees upon solidly: you must be positive.

Even if it’s uncomfortable, even if it’s unfamiliar, even if you feel triggered or stuck in a mental loop of negative stuff….

Positive thoughts fixed on positive outcomes and enjoying everything about every moment that you can is all one great big universal truth of making things go far more right in your life.

Today, let’s look at just how much things like worry and stress impact your brain… and then… with a big lap of faith and lots of joy, let’s get into the light side of life!!!

Worrying sucks the life out of life. And it disrupts your brain.

The Power of Positivity (quoted below) posted an amazing study on worry and your brain that found the following:

The Journal of Clinical Psychology published a study that examined how worrying can effect your overall performance when completing a task. The participants in this study were separated into two groups. “People who reported that they worry 50% of the time or more showed a significant disruption in their ability to sort objects as the difficulty of the sorting task increased.”

These same researchers conducted a second study where they discovered, “When the brain is faced with complex tasks, negative thinking hurts your ability to process information and think clearly.”

Also, it has been shown that, “Stress from negative thinking creates changes in the brain that may affect your likelihood of mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, schizophrenia and mood disorders.”

How’s about this statistic from Huffington Post: “Research shows that most people complain once a minute during a typical conversation.”

Complaining is something that can be done non-stop if you’re not aware.

According to Dr. Travis Bradberry, when you continually repeat behavior, your neurons (neurons are electrically excitable cells in the nervous system that function to process and transmit information in your brain)  “branch out to each other to ease the flow of information.   This makes it much easier to repeat that behavior in the future – so easy…”

Therefore, when you always complain, your brain rewires itself to make complaining a default behavior.

Dr Travis Bradburry shared a study at Stanford University that showed that repeated complaining, “shrinks the hippocampus—an area of the brain that’s critical to problem solving and intelligent thought. Damage to the hippocampus is scary, especially when you consider that it’s one of the primary brain areas destroyed by Alzheimer’s.”

Also, the extra cortisol produced through constant complaining can increase your chances of high cholesterol, heart disease and can lower your immune system.

Of course it’s worthwhile to be happy!!! 

Susan Reynolds, explains in an article published by Psychology Today , “Happy Brain, Happy Life” that being happy, “stimulates the growth of nerve connections, increases cognition by increasing mental productivity, improves your ability to analyze and think, affects your view of surroundings, increases attentiveness, and leads to happy thoughts.”

This TED X talk Hard Wiring Happiness by Dr. Rick Hanson is a crash course in a happy brain:

And these simple Feng Shui actions can keep you focused in on happiness no matter what:

  • Clean your house.
  • Give gifts and encouragement to others every day.
  • Add more light to your home.
  • Tap into nature every chance you get.
  • And… create more clear space every single day!

Positivity isn’t just a good idea, it’s essential… and you have it within you to keep making that brighter choice every single day!

xoxo Dana

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