7 Feng Shui Ideas To Help You Get More Of What You Want!

Apr 2, 2017 | Creativity

If you’re feeling unsettled in some way and you’ve got a lot of pressure on you maybe or you’re overwhelmed or not feeling well… or all of the above… and someone says, ” Don’t worry about it, it’s all fine.” Well. I bet that doesn’t land so well all the time.

Chances are things will be perfectly fine and even better than ever, but when things feel like they’re spiraling down in any way that’s been throwing you off, that’s when you might want to take a leap of faith and decide to change the direction of the spiral toward the better and better, with more of a feeling that things are exactly as they should be!

Do less. When things feel far away it’s tempting to overcompensate — like too many phone calls, too many messages, too many more extra hours at work. A little extra can be a great boost to anything you’re doing. Too much, though, is too much. You know when it’s too much when your mind is blank or your body is exhausted and you’re still trying to go, go, go…

Think less. When I am overwhelmed in some way now I either sleep or head to my Buddhist temple, or both, I do anything and everything to avoid thinking. Remember: analysis = paralysis.

Focus on the end much less. If you’re super-fixated on the destination, the whole journey feels endless. You know this. But we all do it. Focus on right now and let things unfold.

Relax physically. Vital. Massages, baths, breathing, sun… whatever helps your body truly relax is what you need. I had energy work yesterday that made my whole body so relaxed my mind could finally find answers that were eluding me… and this is a big deal.

Stretch. Stretching clears your body of tension that mirrors tense thoughts. Simple stretching also re-activates energies that are stagnant in your life! Stretching should feel good to relax into, never to push and overdo.

Energize. Those skipped meals, skipped hours of sleep and skipped moments of fun do not make you a warrior…. they make you struggle more. Simple things to energize include the basics of life done well. Eat, sleep, you know, the fundamentals. Energize your home with a dash of aromatherapy or a sweep of the stairs or a burning of some sage… or all of the above!!!

+ Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear your desktop. Your closets. Your life. I just deleted 900 unread emails that were a menacing form of clutter.

So… while you won’t necessarily want to hear… “Oh, just relax,” when there’s so much on the line and it feels much is at stake and you must perform or make or do in some way, with more room to breathe and feel and see things clearly, everything becomes a lot easier.



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