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Apr 3, 2017 | Creativity

(vim and vintage/ treehouse by peter bahouth)

Sometimes things become so hard, so “high stakes” or overwhelming or you’re just blank minded or in a giant rut… and it can feel really tempting to start to work even harder.

“Powering through” may work for a deadline but it doesn’t work as a lifestyle, and often that’s where I’ve found myself when I know I need help.

It can’t be extremely hard and also extremely sustainable.  We can’t force ourselves through life every day without massive stress.

As kids, when life felt great and there was no such thing as “sticking it out” and forcing our way to do things because they’re “good for us”, we wouldn’t dream of wanting to hang around in life doing things that were hard, painful, stressful and annoying, you know?

Climbing trees, running around, making crafts and seeing friends were way more fun, I imagine, than self-motivated punishment!

And… overall… life was much more fun and much easier.

If you want to make everything much more magical and on the right track right now, you can start here!

Have fun with this!!!






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