10 Feng Shui Ways To Allow More Greatness Into Your Life!

Apr 5, 2017 | Prosperity

Allow more greatness into your life.

Allow more greatness into your life.

If you’ve done it all and nothing’s worked to improve the way you feel, the conditions of your life or to wear away the glass ceiling overhead… well… you’re not alone and you’re in a great place.

You’ve clearly got the dive, ambition, creativity, persistence and many many tools to better all facets of life if you’ve tried pretty much everything to get what you want and need, and that’s all awesome. That’s the stuff that won’t just “create itself” and it’s pretty amazing that you’ve done so much.

Now… to the actual greatness “arriving” part.

Allow more greatness into your life.

Where is that love of your life, money in the bank, dream job, solution to whatever it is?

That’s where I’m sure wellness and self-help and betterment fails loads of people. It’s where it failed me quite miserably, and I worked harder than anyone I’ve ever met to “improve my life” while I fell into an abyss of debt, misery and robotic rules. None of it was well. None of it was good. But supposedly it worked.

Here’s what changed things for me (simple things!) and what may help you get out of need and want and into a flow of progress and creativity and fun again!!!

Let’s start simple… and stay simple…!

Fun. Is everything. You might not find every aspect of everything fun, but largely the momentum has got to be more positive than negative. Start tipping the scales toward more total fun.

This might help, too, as it still helps me daily:

Surrender. Stop battling against whatever is happening and start relaxing. Thanks to a dear friend I started this… and won’t ever turn back.

Kindness to you.  There’s zero science to support the fact that stringent beating up of yourself will bring you better things. You know this, so please stop hating on yourself.

Pay attention to what is working. One great date that didn’t amount to forever was a few awesome fun hours of your life so that’s really great, isn’t it? The whole meal may have been a flop but the desert was so good. The morning was so beautiful I didn’t want to stop walking my dog. That’s way better than focusing on the call that got moved, the early hour, the deadlines… everything is just awesome. Why can’t that be awesome and the focus?

Talk about things that are awesome.  You know this. I do too. Still I catch myself in huge ways. I have seen statistics that we all tend to complain a large number of times each in a small conversation.

Treat yourself brilliantly. Because things won’t change if you don’t feel deserving of them. I have a friend who is healthy always… but… mysteriously before her last 3 vacations got insanely ill and had to cancel two of them. Why? She didn’t feel that she deserved a vacation. You do deserve great things!

Cancel out every unnecessary “betterment” thing you do that you don’t like to do. If it is a miserable experience it isn’t part of your wellness or betterment. And if you have to do it — like some form of physical therapy or medical treatment or the like- find a way to love it more. There is ALWAYS a way.

Let people be. You don’t have time, energy or really the right to have people “be” a way you want them to be. When everyone is free to be who they are, things sort themselves far more easily.

Release entanglements. We are all connected, and we’re all connected to our stuff and even to people and places and situations in the past. Forgive, bless and free people, places and things that still drag you down in memories. You may need to forgive daily until it sticks.

Keep clearing space in ways that feel good. Clear files, clear the air, clean with a passion to create new opportunities and feel fresh and alive. Cleaning, clearing, refreshing… this is where you have lots more stuff come into life.

Will it for sure “work” for you “finally” this time?

Probably not (!!!) if you’re doing any or all of these things as a chore or focusing on the past failures to “manifest” stuff! It’s just piling more stress upon stress!

If you start doing things you want because you want to do them… and you relax, and you care for yourself, and you start free and clear… yes, I bet you will see things shift.

And when you’re really in this space of allowing stuff to come in, you’ll be pleasantly surprised because you won’t be focused on the “end” any more of the getting since you’ll be having way more fun every day, feeling more calm, present and amazing!

This is your space of infinite possibility. It’s not too tricky to get it. You just have to let it come.

xoxo Dana

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