Finding Your Center To Create A Balanced & Awesome Life!

Apr 6, 2017 | Creativity


Whatever the place is where you come to life fully… that’s your center.

That happy place- whether it’s a yoga studio, tennis court, a place of worship or a place to listen to comedy or watch theater or play with your dogs or kids or see friends or any place else- that one that lights you up and brings you to life fully, that’s the core of all things.

While I’d love to say that every place and every moment should be the happiest ever, that’s not real.

Without contrasts everything goes flat.  Without differences and obstacles and the fully wild ways growth presents itself, things are not really that rewarding, you know?

I’ve been doing morning meditations in all kinds of art mediums and it’s my happiest place.   Not for any other reason than they are so fun, I can’t stop doing them…

It’s where I find my breath and center actively, after I do my Buddhist practice to find that center spiritually?

I have a few core “happy places” like… my favorite puppies Bob and Gordon sleeping on my lap (and sometimes snoring), plus our long walks and naps, art, Buddhism, writing with tea, hiking, anything with friends…

And then, there’s the rest of the stuff and while I appreciate it all, I know that without my core… without my center… the rest of the stuff that’s in life in all it’s contrasts becomes super hard to deal with.

Where is your center? 

What and where is your happy place? 

If it’s far away, bring it home.  I can’t make giant oil paintings in my house because of the fumes but I can make watercolors and pastels.  Likely you can practice your golf putting… or simple yoga… or cooking… or anything… at home in some part.  And that will help you get your center.

If it’s not feeling like there’s time or space to do it- whatever it is-  now you know exactly what you have to clear around. 

Set out and start making that space.

Life won’t make it for you magically most of the time.

We have to- all of us- create room for that altar, easel, desk or whatever else it is-  and make it the most important of all things to not skip out on what plugs us in.

Enjoying life isn’t extra… it’s really everything.

Stick to your center and expand your life incredibly.

It may be emotional, you may have lots to eliminate to get there, but it’s so very worth it…!

xoxo Dana





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