7 Ways To Know That It’s Time To Deeply Reorganize!

Apr 8, 2017 | Home Style

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Chances are if you suddenly (or slowly and gradually) slip behind – whether it’s at work, with your family commitments, your finances or even your fitness routine or sleep schedule- it can feel like the bottom has dropped out of life.

I’ve been there in many ways many times that I don’t enjoy dwelling upon but I do enjoy looking at for the lessons:

I’ve always known when I’m off track or slipping in some way.  I can distinctly remember the wobble each time it’s happened, the feeling of things becoming less and less exciting, the self-condemnation that led me further away from getting back on track…the angst… the bubbling up…

The farther things slide, the harder it is to pay attention to them or become present with them. It’s sort of like… “Wow, do you really want to check your bank balance when it’s not a good thing? Or, do you really want to spend quality time with your partner when you’ve held in so much that you feel you could explode…?” Usually it’s been increasingly easy for me to bury my head in the sand when things have slid past a point where they are manageable.

The longer this goes, the more the negative trend becomes a normal thing. It can be as hard as training yourself to write with your non-dominant hand if you try to force things to go the other way. Force is all at the lower spectrum of energy and it piles on the feelings of strain and failure and defeat that no one needs…

You don’t need force, you don’t need to hide and you certainly don’t need to sit in a place of stress…

So, if you’ve been wobbly or, at this point, sort of fighting the down spiral, it’s time to do the thing that’s the easiest to do (& now is my life-changing habit even thought it used to seem so useless …)

It’s time to deeply reorganize!

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Could it be that you’re not really in some bad luck astrological hole with chips stacked against you and, really, you just need more order in life on a new level?

With each cycle of each Camp I host each year online I see that there’s a new level of order and clarity being demanded of me (!) as I even guide people through. Not to mention that every time things get bigger and busier I’ve found myself needed a new level of order and clarity… and typically before I would recognize that I would be in some sort of distress and ready to take a vacation and maybe just do something else entirely! (*Yes, i’ve been there sooooo many times in the past, so I get this very well and so personally!)

I thought I needed: luck, someone to save me from my spiral, some sort of supernatural something, some infusion of energy outside of myself, some kind of astrological marvel…

But really, I just needed to get deeply organized so my life could expand and I could do better, feel better and live better.

A few signs that I’ve seen that it’s not luck, supernatural intervention or anything else but a deeper level of organization and new priorities that might be the “cure” :

You’re not enjoying anything any more. Everything feels blanketed over in stress.

There are too many things going wrong. It’s like the focus was pulled from enjoying life and has become a non-stop string of problems to solve.

Tired becomes the usual. We are not meant to be tired all the time, and being tired is not a pre-requisite of success, it’s actually accelerating the downward spiral when you live in exhaustion.

Solutions seem useless because there’s too much that’s slipping.  This is a big one that is a giant flag saying “please slow down and reorganize your life!”

It can take forever to make a phone call, open a package or even take out the trash. This type of avoidance-stuckness is common and it’s also a form of self-sabotage. While you certainly don’t need to wallow in problems, confronting things can be exciting because they are the road to clarity!

Joy seems undeserved. That one is the saddest one to me— no joy is no joy, and whether we’re at the top or the bottom of our game, there’s always room for an ice cream cone, a movie, a walk, laughing… you know… fun stuff!

You start talking about the days when you had it all together as though they were “the good old days” or a bygone era. The more I’ve done this one the more I’ve sunk into confusion and away from order, farther from solutions and deeper into problems.

We all have a lot to navigate and when things are going great it’s easy to do it. When things are off track, it’s not as easy… but it’s equally simple.

If you’re in this place of… “oh, where did my luck go?!” and you’re not sure how to get out, start simple and see just how organized you are where things are feeling like they’er sliding downhill.

Everything from re-vamping your digital life to de-cluttering your pantry can be the very simple yet deeply profound start of a shift toward greatness.

We don’t have luck. We make it.

That’s been my observation over a lifetime.

Thoughts, words, actions, expectations… all make us lucky.

All of that stuff is reinforced by your environment, so let your whole home + lifestyle support you. When things are clear, straight, managed and set within a plan, they can flow. Without that… you’re shooting energy out on every direction, hoping to hit something good… and that’s certainly not a powerful way to live!

Let yourself start clearing your own path toward more and more of that greatness now. Allow yourself to reorganize, rest, clear, clean and create magic on higher and higher levels than ever before. Look forward not backward. And keep on enjoying things every single day…!

xoxo Dana

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