Feng Shui To Live Your Mission More Fully (& Feel The Magic It Brings!)

Apr 15, 2017 | Sensory Goodness

I don’t have any answers as to how to live life.

You know best your best ways to live.

But, when there’s a lack of spark and days becme increasingly harder and things you need seem to be moving away from you instead of toward you… that’s a tempting time to think that other people can tell you better how to live life, you know?

That’s been the pivitol moments, the times where I gave up my power and became the effect of people who seemed to have secrets to a kind of successful living that clearly I had missed the boat on…

And each time I felt compelled to think hard, to follow a rigorous routine or do things that were very uncomfortable because I was told by people who I at once point trusted or admired that they would be good for me.

All lead me to nothing.  And I see it all the time.

It starts slow— uninspired, uninterested— and then becomes a sort of dullness and lack of spiritness and you don’t know where it came from. And then, it feels like there’s no easy way out.  Everyting is just… blah…

And if you’re feeling that blah, you can gather your energy back quickly.  

Mission. Purpose.  Passion.  That’s where I see my clients finding that thread they dropped and hooking back in, too.  Simon Sinek calls it your “why.” Some people say it’s “your life’s purpose.”  I say for simplicity that it’s “what lights us up…”

From there, things become super clear where they were hazy, more calm where they felt out of control and more grounded where they were floating.

I was in a deeply confusing toxic relationship for a very short while that nearly destroyed my life in a haze of apathy a long time ago.  I was so depleted in every way, I started looking at work that I loved as a source of stress, a thing to do, a thing to figure out, something that was a burden.  I spend nearly three months resentful, uninspired and unsatisfied until I realized how far I drifted from what lights me up—

I am driven by helping people to design their most energetically elevated dream lives.

Mine was a nightmare at that moment.

I left that hell instantly when I got this perspective.

I devoted myself to designing my own dream life, tackling demons head-on and being happier.

I never felt like I “had to work” ever again after that odyssey.  It’s a privledge to do things that I love.

What lights you up? 

Have you fallen away from it?

Here are the most simple (and deeply effective) ideas if you’ve hit a moment of blah and feel yourself slipping away from excitement and things are gettting harder…

Clean your house to create fresh energy. Magical housecleaning is HERE. 

Start saying NO to things that drain your spirit.  Vampire energy clearing can be a revolution. 

Take some extra time for total self love and care. 

Do a little meditation on what lights you up. THESE exercises can help. 

Keep infusing more of that mission into every day (from colors you wear to art on the walls to creative ideas you add into your work, etc, etc, infinite possibility!) … and clear away anything that doesn’t harmonize with your purpose +  your happy energy.

All kinds of clutter can move aside, get recycled or otherwise take a hike! 

There’s so much greatness that unfolds ahead when you’re in your space of passion…!

xoxo Dana

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