Feeling Amazing Is The Path To “Manifesting” Anything Amazing!

Apr 19, 2017 | Creativity


What if you felt as dreamy as a celestite stone? These blue gems are thought to enhance intuition, open up psychic channels and encourage lucid dreaming… among other things lovely in their story.

I like the way they make me feel when I look at them.

Beyond all things, that’s the key to most everything you want to create, heal, experience or share.

Feeling great.

As simple as it sounds, feeling great really is the energy that fuels most everything that’s amazing. Today, some feng shui to feel great can expand your creative, life-transforming, practical magic powers!

Ancient wisdom and modern science both recognize feeling as the supercharger of all things. Gregg Braden, a scientist by training and philosopher by profession these days in part, even talk about feeling things as though they were already accomplished as a form of prayer.

You know that when you feel really good, pretty much everything is pretty much easier.

And when you can leap into that imaginative space like you did as a kid where you could see yourself in so many scenarios and play with so many outcomes and watch them spring to life as you play…

That’s what all this “manifestation stuff” really boils down to: nothing more than feeling great and imagining, making and having fun with a process of making stuff.

For all the special secrets, the keys to all of life and all the rest of the laws of attracting things taught far and wide… it’s all really, basically about feeling good as much of the time as possible.

How can you feel better right now? 

To feel even better right now: I need more water, a nap, a magnetic mud face mask and a handful of vitamins with lunch. I haven’t had my favorite vitamins in nearly a week and I realize that I do crave them.

In about an hour I can do all of the above. Right now, though, I can have a lot of water!

What about you? What can you do within the next few minutes, the next hour or the rest of the day to feel better?

maslow pyramid of self actualization from The Tao of Dana

Your home (and even your office!)can help you feel much better, all the time.

The pyramid above was created based on the studies by Maslow of some of the more successful and balanced people around who were fully actualized, “living the dream” so to speak.

The top features all kinds of romance, art, acknowledgement and excellence. It’s the fun stuff we likely want and daydream about most of the time when it’s missing. Everyone tries to start at the top, thinking that this is the route to the most successful life.

But, it’s the bottom of the pyramid where all great “dreams come true” lifestyles began. Step by step, starting with wellness and health, a safe place to call home and financial wellbeing we start to move up the pyramid with a solid foundation.

Skip steps and you’re on shaky ground.

Get the basics together- including your home and your organization and your wellness- and you are set to rocket toward the top!!!

How can you get more organized at home? How can you create more of a sanctuary? 

Organize step-by-step, freeing yourself of everything you don’t need in the process.

Detox your space.   Simple things like opened windows, an air purifier, a refresh of your bedroom, a deep cleaning with non-toxic products… all support your solid foundation.

Expand the lusciousness of your home.  Add softness, extra pillows, blankets, some pastel colors and plants.  All the easy, breezy, textured, lovely stuff that makes you literally feel amazing.

Now… you’re feeling better a whole lot more of the time.

Do the same in your office, your car and everywhere you spend time…

And you’ll be more supported.

Shift off of the thoughts you don’t want. 

Right now, more than a few seconds of reading the news and my day takes a detour and a dive down.  I stay informed very strategically so I don’t wander into what I don’t want and let that color the day.

We color our days.

Pick fun ideas, adventures, experiments, books, events, friends and walks around the neighborhood that inspire you deeply. Pick thoughts that make you feel fabulous. Pick ways to indulge and celebrate that build your energy.

Feeling great is the only real secret, and it’s not a secret.

Let yourself feel great more and more of the time and watch the world shape itself in fresh, gorgeous ways around you!

xoxo Dana

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