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Apr 24, 2017 | Prosperity


I cried all morning the day I wrote this. Spontaneously and unceasingly.

I know that’s probably not the sentences you expect in a post about generating abundance energy, but the free-flowing of emotion is a part of a bigger equation.

On this day, a dear priest at my Buddhist temple moved to New York and while it’s exciting for him, I’ve felt the loss of a daily presence and was hit with all the lessons and trials and triumphs of the last two years all at once the day he departed. I’d see him almost every day, and he’s always smiling, present, open-hearted and deeply committed to his purpose to the degree that it changed me significantly. I’m so much stronger, so much more clear-minded, so much less focused on myself and so much more committed to the principles that move me. And, in the two years of him being such an example, my own life has become so much more magical than I had realized until this flash flood of tears hit me like a wave of gratitude.

This is what today’s Feng Shui is about— building the energy that creates abundance.

It’s not about “cures” or quick fixes or anything like that.

It’s about something so much bigger and a real paradigm shift that really starts when you see what abundance really means to you. 

What is abundant to you? Where can you see abundance in your life?

Lately I have realized how much in subtle ways it’s easy to see all that’s not arrived yet… all that’s not quite right… to fixated on all that needs to evolve…

But that’s not what abundance is, you know?

People ask me for feng shui money tips and love tips all the time, and I always give the reminder with the tips that the big shifts in life aren’t something that a few tips or a jade plant will get you in a flash when you’ve been practicing the thoughts, words and actions of a lack of abundance for a while, no matter what feng shui cure you might read…

Or, at least, it’s not likely that a single “cure” in your home will change how you operate every day in regard to big energies and prosperity.

That said:

You absolutely can get more grounded in the abundant every single day, starting right now.  

Living in a state of abundance is far more basic, intrinsic and deeply profound in my personal and professional experience.

Yes, all that abundance is definitely reflected in your environment. It’s also a mirror of what in Buddhism is called Karma- an accumulation of your thoughts, words and actions.

I greatly misunderstood what the thoughts, words and actions of abundance were a little over a decade ago. It was suggested to me by many philosophies to focus on money, to drive myself to great lengths to get it and to sacrifice things like love and connection to others in the name of this abstract prize. I studied formulas, attended seminars, worked at 4 different jobs sometimes 18 hour days and heard about motivation and revving up my system to peak performance and all sorts of things. And, even after working with “the best”, my life collapsed like a house of cards.

I had no foundation and I felt like I was destined to be behind. Constantly behind. In every way. And dwindling by the second.

It’s interesting that the less I focused on these “strategies” and the more simple I became, the more committed I became to my actual role models that reflected peace, a really deep sense of abundance and joy.

Here are a few of the brilliant concepts that I saw, absorbed and learned from so intensely over the last decade, and today, even though I’m sad that my latest teacher is off to a new adventure, I will celebrate with this!

Humility. No one is better than anyone else. No one is judged, and there’s no room for judgement. There’s no competition, really, either, because there’s no space for that in a life that’s not based on judgement.

Discernment- like, “ok, I see what this person is doing and it doesn’t feel good to me so I’ll let them be and keep my own space over here” – is different than judgement – “wow, what a horrible person who will get what’s coming to them.”

I once thought humility was weak because, you know, it can seem that the more audacious one is the more they succeed (?) but that distortion was causing me lots of problems.

What a huge revolution it was to focus on the role models that are so inspiring and see the good in everyone as much as possible. It may seem airy-fairy, but what an enormous difference it makes!

Practice. Practice as much as you can, everything you love, and practice it deeply and keep celebrating your practice. I fondly remember the days when it would take eight hours to just post one thing on the blog, when a feng shui client would require a day of preparation so that I didn’t forget a thing that could be vital and, oh, yes, how I would have to reshoot a three minute video for a full day to get something useable.

Do you remember what it was like when you first started something that now comes really easily to you? How much did you practice?

You can use that same idea of practice in re-focusing your thoughts, changing habits and creating new ways to work and live that feel better to you.   (*Clearing clutter helps immensely here!)

Patience. I will say this: in my experience it’s very damning to look at how much further I need to go and very encouraging to see how much I’ve already accomplished. Abundance in every way is a habit of thoughts, words and actions and new habits take time to establish as a go-to state of being. Criticizing yourself- I’ve found too many times to count- only slows the whole process down and kills momentum. (*It’s also a way to create negative karma, and who needs that?!)

Consistency. Even when it sucks, find a fun reason to show up. Even when you’re not feeling in, get into it in some way that feels good. Consistent habits are what build that momentum, and that’s a part of physics, too. I was once enamored by “overnight success stories.” But, it became very clear to me over the last ten years that there’s usually a huge build up of behind-the-scenes thoughts, words, actions and energies for a very long time before that “overnight success” happens The people who appear to be “overnight successes” that I know well are all the most consistent people I know who would hardly call their great good fortune “luck” or” instant”!

Dedication. Yes. All of it. Dedication to what feels good, to what makes all of life feel more expansive, and to the higher purpose you feel… that’s really unstoppably powerful.

Happiness. It’s that daily smile, the true joy, the emanating extremely high vibration that I’ve come to see as a abundance on every level. From that place, it’s easier to give. From that place, it’s easier to share. From that place, art flows so readily. From that place, we’re all natural leaders and naturally abundant.

I’m so grateful to have great teachers to help me strengthen my faith and show me the way to a far more abundant life in every way. Some people think I live in Los Angeles because it’s all about Hollywood and so much wellness business and the like, but this is why I am so grateful to be here.

So… how can any of this build your own momentum toward what you’re wanting?

The more grounded in a foundation you are that’s solid, the easier it is to build, rather than just “hustle” or “get by” or “chase the dream.” The more regularly you are shifting toward the lighter, the happier and the more connected ways to live, the easier it is to brings ideas into reality. The higher your energy, the easier things like money and love become. The less you judge, the more you can create and experience without drama and needless problems.

It’s all pretty easy to say and, yet, in my life it’s been a long time of learning, implementing, living and leaning into a next level of trust, patience and faith over and over again.

It really is a whole lot more glamorous and freeing than anything else to feel stable and abundant from within. And, just like in all of feng shui, the more you feel something on the inside, the more it becomes reflected back to you from everywhere in your environment.

xoxo Dana

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