Feng Shui To Become A Creative Master Of Manifesting Things!

Apr 25, 2017 | Prosperity

We are all master manifestors because we’re all living in a world we’ve agreed upon and created!!!

And if that world you experience at the moment is not really close to your ideal, you can shift it with a shift in your attention, intention and creation every day.

Sounds so easy in a quick summary, doesn’t it?

I know.  It’s a process to shift a whole way of living, but it’s an “everything is getting better and better” type process.   You know when it’s working because you feel it and see the results.

Feng shui in general and when used specifically is a mastering manifesting process.

Everything you do to support your intentions will help bring you dreams to life.

Today’s big question:

What makes you come alive?

That’s a big part of Tao, the super-strong connection energy that lights up all of life.

Where you come alive, what you wear, what you’re allowing yourself to feel, think about, focus on and create are all a part of that Tao.

Tao is where you become a “master of manifesting”, a real “conscious creator” and a far more fulfilled person.

Today, let’s look at the simple, intuitive feng shui ways to tap into Tao.  

Here are some feng shui ways to live with more of that connected, tapped-in, tuned-in, high-vibing energy every day to support you in bringing your dreams to life!

Intuition works best in a state of order. 

Really it is as simple as cleaning and clearing and organizing.  If you are in a state of lots of disorder, I feel you.  It happens.  Start by organizing what’s most pressing that’s out of whack in your life.  From there you’ll feel more in control and can move on to the next and the next things to organize.

Quiet is a great way to tap in. 

Spend as much time as you can spare in real silence.  Quiet mind, no technology, even quiet away from street sounds if you can.  When I can spend time in nature daily it’s best, but sometimes it’s alone at my Buddhist temple or alone in the park or in my bedroom in quiet.  My experience: the more you can eliminate noise the more you can hear your own clear thoughts rather than your reactions to things.

Practice visualizing and you’ll become more deliberate in creating. 

Seeing what you’d like to create in your own style and your own signature and your own favorite colors and all of it— this is where things come to life in ways that will move you.  You don’t need to be fancy here, no special techique required beyond daydreaming the way you’re re-shaping the universe to look and feel every day that is far more like YOU and less like what you may have been told or shown that things should be.

When you’re living your own “Tao” that’s where the magic happens.

Dressing like yourself is a big deal.  Speaking like yourself.  Fluffing up your home in ways that feel like YOUR home, not the way a home “should” look.  Hobbies, plans, trips, jobs, friends that are on your page, that excite you, that wake up your days… this is Tao at it’s best.

I was most apart from my Tao at a corporate job where I couldn’t wear what I wanted to wear, I couldn’t speak my truth (ever) and I couldn’t even voice the things I liked because what I liked or cared about didn’t matter.  I wound up super-stressed, confused and completely out of whack.  I had to leave and find my Tao.  Funny enough, when that job was over, this bigger version of The Tao of Dana came to life.

You might not be able to just quit the things that aren’t for you right now, but you can follow your intuition more, add more of your style to everything you do, and… yes… you’ll find your way to more and more Tao as you go…!

Enjoy the process.  It’s super-fun and so rewarding.  Plus, of course, you’ll find life falls together a lot more easily! xoxo!!! Dana



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