These 10 Simple Projects Can Revolutionize The Energy Of Your Home!

Apr 26, 2017 | Prosperity



Want to create a healthier, happier, more energized home in simple ways?

These cleaning and maintenance projects are so often forgotten (or not even known… ) and they make such a huge difference that they are well-worth giving them a go!

1. Change your water filters. Healthier water = a healthier home. This is a very big deal. I know that more than a few times I have found myself with a water filter machine that has gone way too long without a fresh filter, especially my shower water filters. The result— I find myself showering in and drinking lots of chlorine and other toxins that could easily be filtered out. My greatest learning in this regard is that models of filters change and sometimes become hard to find. I now order shower and water filtration systems with filters to last me at least a few filter changes, I mark down the date to change the filter in my calendar when it’s installed and … wow… I can actually manage to change these things in a timely fashion.

2. Clean the vacuum. You read that right! My vacuum (a Dyson Animal, I love it!) is meant to have its filter washed every few months. When I don’t do this, I notice that the idea of vacuuming feels weird because I know, in some way, that my vacuum itself is dirty. To properly filter dust and work at an optimal level for the longest time, cleaning your whole vacuum (from the rollers to the canisters and filters) is a must!

3. Purify the air purifier. What I’ve noticed about air purifiers is that they suck in so many particles that their outsides and vents become loaded with dust that builds up in wild ways. Again, it’s vital to change any filters in any filtration systems like these, but it’s also important to simply clean the outside and vents of the purifier itself. A microfiber dust cloth usually does an amazing job here!

4. Wash the light fixtures. Your ceiling fans, lamps and those lovely chandeliers of all kinds collect a haze of particles from the air. Unplug or turn off the fixtures and safely wipe them down to create a fresh shine every time you put them on.

5. Refresh the blinds. Blinds are fairly incredible dirty places in a home, a host of allergens that pile up day after day. I used to pop out my vintage blinds in my old place and wash them in the shower despite some online warnings not to do so and the results were always spectacular both for the freshness of the blinds and for the quality of my air. A vacuum attachment is also a great way to keep blinds looking fresh.

6. Disinfect sponges (and toothbrushes!) and your whole home, naturally. Grapefruit seed extract is a wonderful way to disinfect things without chemicals. I use it on my cutting boards, countertops, toothbrushes, sponges and more. You can learn much more HERE. 

7. Re-pot your plants. If a plant has outgrown its container it’s likely not getting the nutrients it needs and will start looking less lustrous. Two of my plants are headed to the plant doctor today at the local nursery to see if a larger pot will re-infuse them with vibrance!

8. Clear your drains. If you have slow drains, a plumber can come and snake them clear for you, free of chemicals and free of danger to your plumbing!

9. Steam the curtains. A clothing steamer filled with distilled water can be your best friend in disinfecting, cleaning and “ironing” your curtains as they hang on the rod.

10. Freshen your frames. Picture frames are often layered with so much dust and dirt that’s hard to see as you casually pass by, but if you run a finger over the top ledge or the surface of a frame, there it is! I take each frame off the wall and give it a great polish, and at the end I’m left with sparkling hallways and art that sings as it hangs on my walls.

Simple projects, some that may seem almost unnecessary… but they all affect the wellbeing of your home and in a big way. These kinds of easy maintenance and refresh projects can make for a sparkling space that reflects back to you loads of high energy, inspiration and joy!



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