Could You Be Holding Yourself Back By Overcomplicating Things?

Apr 27, 2017 | Prosperity

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, then starting on the first one.”

Supposedly Mark Twain said this, but really, I am not sure he did.

What I do know for sure is that it works.

Todays feng shui is all about taking the complication out of things, and, in doing so, creating far more momentum toward really cool accomplishments!  

It’s not a big secret, but if you’ve tried starting something and for whatever reason you aren’t quite ready to take action steps (or you’re just feeling a little used to the way things are, etc, etc), the result may be something like this:

Thinking a whole lot about what you don’t have done.

Wondering the exactly best ways to do everything that’s not done yet. 

Looking at the reasons why things aren’t done and perhaps going on a deeper self-analysis and healing journey to become a more conscious person. 

Thinking more about what’s not done.

…and on… and on… and on. 

This characterized about 10 years of my life when I really didn’t trust myself and thought that big words like “self-employed” and “business owner” were daunting and treacherous as much as I wanted to do my own thing.

Could you be feeling stuck because it’s all become too complicated? 

What’s fascinating is that all the positive aspects of self-help and personal growth and development- and there are so many- all turned against me.

What was once a beautifully expansive thing- to be a better person- became a very weird thing.

Self-help – fueled by a deep belief that I was broken in some way that kept me stuck while others took lots of risks and seemed to soar- became a dark hole.

If you look hard enough you will find that someone has created a methodology or a mode or a something that seems crucial for success but it’s ridiculously hard to master.   Or, there’s a convenient healing modality or training that takes years to practice… and you’ve convinced yourself until you’re all healed, you’re worthless to create anything good.

None of this is true.  

All the healing, all the wisdom, all of it is wonderful… but you don’t need to be perfect to move ahead from anywhere you’re stuck. It just requires, as Mark Twain probably didn’t say, is “getting started.”

Before we knew all about manifestation, laws of attraction, relationship gurus and everything else that’s wonderfully fun and now increasingly mainstream, people started businesses every day, they fell in love every day, they healed themselves often and they also had miraculous turn-arounds of circumstances.

While any (or all) of self-help is useful, fun and often super-inspiring, it’s not fun if you’re approaching it from a place of being broken and in need of fixing, in need of a magic secret that only a few people have or in need of a total transformation in order to have love, money or anything else.

In this case, things get wildly distorted.

Plus, I don’t believe we are ever “broken”.

Could you be using self-help to procrastinate or avoid taking steps forward? 

Are there other ways that you’ve been waiting and keeping yourself in a holding pattern until things are perfect? 

I spend an incredible amount of time asking people of they’re willing to uncomplicate their homes. Less “feng shui cures” and less incredibly complex plans and less perfectionism and less clutter and stress. When the complications are stripped away… all sorts of inspiration bubbles up.

Homes mirror lives. Less stress = less obstacles in life = less complications = more action!

If you’re looking to “get out of your own way”, so to speak, less complication will change your life dramatically.

Uncomplicate across the boards of life and see how much brighter things become!!!

Can you simplify your closet organization? 

Opening your closet and being greeted with clarity is a wonderful way to start the day. You can even

Your wardrobe?

Artist Andrea Zittell famously wore the same outfits to work for years, in her artwork, The Uniform Project. I am not suggesting a uniform, but a much staple wardrobe you love with wild and elaborate and gorgeous accents mixed in can be yet another way to make life more streamlined and strong.

Can you do simpler workouts?

I used to love the gym until my life became full enough that nearly three hours (change, drive, exercise, shower, drive home) to do 45 minutes of exercise really was complicated. Walking and jogging and yoga at home, though, each took 30-45 minutes total and felt really great and easy to fit into the day.

It’s a good one to look at!

Can you simplify your grocery shopping? 

I have friends who swear that ordering groceries online instead of shopping saved their marriage. While I do really like grocery shopping life and in person, I also like it more with a list and clear sense of what I am going to do with what I get so it all gets used well…

Simple right?

Can you simplify relationships? Weekend plans? Vacation itineraries? Finances? Business? 

Yes, you can.

It’s funny, the less stress and the more emphasis on joy and creativity, the more things flow.

This is the best part of feng shui in my ways of working— life gets simpler even when it’s not “easy” per say, it’s all simple and less of a big mystery that is unsolvable without fixing a broken piece of myself.

See what you can simplify, in your own ways, and see how it makes you feel. From there, try another, and then another…

There’s a whole lot of power in free flowing energy and organized living that can move you from stuck to wildly creative in pretty short order!

xoxo Dana

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