Ideas To Use The Best Of Technology For Wellness (& Leave The Rest!)

Apr 29, 2017 | Creativity

When I see Nature in all it’s splendor I remember being a little kid running around on the asphalt playground in velour track suits in the days without the Internet on the planet… and I love the pure memories of that time of wonder.

Then, I remind myself quickly that due to the Internet I work with people around the world every single day and I don’t have to be at a desk in an office building and I am able to spend more time with everyone I love and doing all that I love in every way…

So, the Internet can’t be all bad!

But, some of it can be disruptive.  And that disruptive part can make the rest of the world online seem murky when it’s actually useful and inspiring!

My world on the Internet has gotten a deep makeover since January of 2017.  It all started back in the time of the elections in the US, but went and skyrocketed to new heights of curation after the election ended.  Too much news, too much stuff to speculate upon, too much anger… and past the tipping point of inspiration, it all became a call to action.


Walk away.


Delete the app.

Etc, etc, etc.

I’m speaking in a week on digital detoxing at a big wellness event and I have a mind fixed on using only the best parts of the Internet… so, seasonally as the mood strikes,  I’m going to do a round-up of my favorite inspiration and tools and useful ways to use the Internet for more wellness and less of the rest…!

When you are using tech well, you won’t really need to detox from it… you’ll just keep using it responsibly to create more good in your life!

Need to upgrade the vibes of your online world? This was really helpful for me.

To start… pick your real online needs.  (I bet that “wasting time” or “feeling sad and angry and terrified” are not on your list) 

Then… delete everything else in your bookmarks, clear your browser and start fresh. 

Add in tools or resources or inspiration that really moves you in a positive way.

And keep purging everything else! 

Here are my big uses of the Internet outside of work these past few weeks:  more fitness, inspiration and expansive learning.  And, yes, probably about 15 animal videos a week…!

Digitally Fit. I love Carley K and her digital (and life) wisdom is epic.  You can learn so much about balancing life and the best of technology from her HERE but today I’m highlighting her awesome list of affordable (under $100) fitness trackers.  

Yoga’d.  I have enjoyed many a quick class on Do Yoga With Me (lots of simple nighttime routines) as well as the super-fun streaming classes of Strala.  

Inspired to action.  Rich Roll’s Roll Call is a super-beautifully curated dose of inspiration. It’s one of the only things I open that lands in my inbox.  Rich and his genius wife Julie are people who deeply live their truth and practice what they teach… and they are just great people.  I hardly consider myself athletic and I learn so much from this.

Holistically Yummy.  There is SO MUCH great food on the Internet it’s absurdly amazing. At the moment, I’m watching lots of  Laura Miller’s (Raw Vegan Not Gross) You Tube channel filled with fun super-food ideas and burst of inspiration.

Learning.  If you aren’t already following them on FB, Great Big Story is full of both brilliantly uplifting and educational video stories. There are many of these incredible video hubs on the Internet but these past few weeks I’ve been moved by many Great Big Stories.

And… of course there’s Netflix for all your documentary wants… and Planet Earth II has been so amazing to watch!

What you no longer want to see: hide it, unfollow it, let it go… &  make your internet time one of the highest-fi, most grateful and magic-filled uplift!!!

xoxo Dana



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