Mermaid Decor For A Big Dose Of Creative Energy!

Apr 29, 2017 | Creativity

Gordy fell in love with the shimmery metallic chanting pillows that just arrived from Brilliant Imports.  The whole vibe of shimmery fabrics and lusciousness inspired me to add far more mermaid to my life!  I’ve gathered up my favorite mermaid-esque accents that can light up a room with watery, supernatural glow and, now… to pick handfuls more for my own home makeover!

You can add oceany bits of inspiration to bathrooms, bedrooms, meditation areas, yoga spaces… and the watery bliss you add will pay off in contemplative, fresh-start energy for every day…!

I wonder where I can add a Soane Venus Chair.  I am determined to get this in a client’s home, if it can’t fit in my own!

The shimmery part of the mermaid aesthetic is perfectly described by these decorative mermaid pillows that I will definately want in my office somehow!  They have a strong mission to give back to the community with these pillows, and I support that in every way!

Add a watery vibe with wall at like this greatness from Boho Loft.  I have lots of mermaid colors to make a big weaving at home…!!!

My ultimate f bathroom tile is not complete without this gorgeousness!!!  Bath mats, shower curtains and even towels can be found in more mermaid-like patterns.

And let’s not forget the shimmery pillows that started it all!   If you’re looking for some shine and gloss and grounded bliss, you get 15% off your Brilliant Imports orders with the code “fengshuidana” through September.  A big thank you Amy at Brilliant Imports for these coral and gold metallic chanting pillows.  I use them every day and love them so much.

Off to watercolor some more mermaid inspiration…this watery doodling and imagery is amazing for creative jump starts and lighting up the artistically emotive parts of your brain waves!

xoxo Dana



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  1. Amy

    Dana, I’m IN LOVE with Gordy + co.! the best meditation cushions models EVER! and I’m so glad you are loving your Brilliant Imports goodies! xx


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