10 Ways To Know You’ve Outgrown Things & It’s Time To Expand!

Apr 30, 2017 | Prosperity

I love watching Nature expanding all season.  After epic amounts of rain, everything lush of plant life is multiplying and stretching and spreading over lawns, sidewalks and planter pots.

Nature is so adaptable, it can find a way to expand anywhere it can.  It doesn’t thing, it just grows.

With restrictions on where to expand, though, things get stuck in their growth.

Houseplants, though, with limited places to reach out… they’re apt to stifle and decline if they don’t get bigger places to live – bigger pots and planters- as the years progress.

We are like houseplants, I think. Or we imagine we are, even though we aren’t!  While we always have unlimited options, it’s tempting to believe that we are in “containers” of routines, time limits and resources that are finite.  So, when we max out at where we are… inertia sets in.

What’s crazier is that even when we’re in full bloom of growth, when we start hitting the edges of our “containers” it feels like things are going wrong.  Things might even appear to be on a slight decline… but they are not, and this decline is not inevitable.  It might just be time to expand more!

Have you hit the maximum capacity of your “pot” and need a bigger space to grow?

This was Bob in the old house when he loved wearing scarves and was in barking moder about most things about the gorgeous building where we lived.  I really liked the place – loved it really- for the first two years.  I had not a single problem mechanically, everything was peaceful and fun.  And when I started to feel like I didn’t have enough space and refused to look for a new place because moving was so unsettling, well, I started to have leaks, a flood and all sorts of incidents in the neighborhood that were reason to move and move as fast as possible.  By the time I found a new place I couldn’t leave the old one fast enough.

I should have just listened to the instict that I needed room to expand and let that be that.

Instead, the intertia set in and my frustration started manifesting as all sorts of weird issues to push me into action.

It was a very unproductive way to be!

Sound familiar?

You may have outgrown some things in your life and it may be time to find your own ways to expand!

Some signs I have seen (and lived) that it’s time to make more room to grow:

1. Your home or office feels super small even though it’s decluttered and it’s lovely. There’s not enough room to make or create or hold the people or meetings or events or activities that you love.  Or, it’s just not functional in some way it needs to be…

2. You find yourself out of good ideas unless you go to a faraway place- or a big coffee shop, or take a big walk or otherwise get away from the day-to-day routine.

3. There’s a plateau and then things start declining a bit either in effectiveness or enthusiasm.

4. You feel no challenge or excitement.  It’s all same-same, same. And it’s not bad so you don’t want to complain, but it’s also not great so it’s sort of a numbing experience.

5. There’s so much that no longer looks or feels right.  Suddenly you might not even know what to wear any more, or what to eat, or where to go to enjoy yourself.

6. There’s a sense of limitations that never seemed to be there before.

7. The thought of quitting and looking for something new starts popping up, which bcomes confusing.

8. People – when you mention how you feel- may be telling you how grateful you should be and to not expect to have it all, or similar types of feel-bad responses to your real grating issue, so you stop talking about it.

9. You might start “showing up less” for things and checking out more, since it’s been relatively repetetive and things are losing their gloss.

10. Weird problems may pop up that have never happened before… all sorts of snafus and glitches and stuff that’s daunting… as though the Universe is showing you that you’ve been focusing on what’s wrong and you need to start focusing on expanding what’s right.

It’s hard to talk about these feelings due to things like #8 where people may shame you for being greedy and wanting more than you have as they percieve you have more than they do… Plus, as a society we are aware that there are way bigger problems in the world than our seemingly petty dissatisfaction.

But, I learned by almost creating crisis where there was none that it’s important that I can acknowledge when I feel this way, because it’s not petty or selfish.

I’ve seen over and again that where things get pinched because you’ve sort of outgrown them in their present form, and this stuff gets swallowed, and things get monotonous and stuck… this is where some really awesome ideas, business momentum, wonderful situations, realitionships and more start to decline rather than widen and deepen and expand.

It starts to appear that things are broken when they are not— they’re just idling in one place.

Rather than holding it in- these feelings of inertia- what would happen if you could acknowledge that you’ve outgrown some stuff and you are ready to make things fresher, bigger and more vibrant?

It might be time for new creative challenges, shared goals, an expanded family, more friends, new employees, an expanded plan, fresh energy and even a new diet or a new way to exercise? Maybe it’s time to evolve a wardrobe, upgrade technology, simplify some daily routines, get new tools to work with or finally dust off some dreams and start bringing them to life…?  New adventures or new shared projects or new ways to help others?

Where do you begin? Wherever it feels exciting is where I start!

But, my own methods over the years of hitting these walls loook something like this:

I always deep clean my house before I do anything.  I have so many methods, and this one never fails me!

Then I usually take a few days to really rest (like, abundant naps, zero caffeine, waking without an alarm for a weekend) so my energy is really reset. 

Then… it’s time to start upgrading things, step-by-step, day-by-day.  

If you need some tools for expansion, you can feng shui your home and create a new paradigm that surrounds you everywhere! The DIY feng shui e-guide is a great place to start right now.

Also, you can get an inspiring life coach, join a support group or mastermind group, start working with a mentor to grow much more, read more, take classes and workshops…

Do what feels best to you, and do focus on what’s right… and expand how right it is.

Instead of living in a feeling of slow meltdown impending, you’re on your way to a breakthrough!

xoxo Dana

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THE JOY IMMERSION is a commitment to happy-making, mirror-polishing, life-lifting and simple space shifting for 30 days. It’s loaded with lots of actions that can help you detox from your own negative stuff, uncover more of your greatness and light, and see happiness everywhere you look…!

There’s feng shui, there’s life-shifting, there’s lots of creativity… and it’s a daily commitment to a positive life shift… which is a positive life shift already!!!

And you can start right HERE!


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