Tapestries To Add Soft Layers Of Richness To Your Home

May 1, 2017 | Creativity

(urban outfitters)

One of the fastest ways to transform a space is with fabric.  Textures, softness, draping, color, patterns, designs… all in big swatches or window-covering or wall-size pieces, turning geometric space more liquid and luscious.

Simple tapestries are a boho rvival that are unbeatable for instant switches… a landscape, a mandala, a design, a whole garden on fabric! And they’re so easy to source, inexpensive to collect and infinitely useful!


In my last turn as a cocktail waitress I had to wear a sarong as a “uniform” every night in Los Angeles, one that looked like the one above.  It’s funny how I became averse to tapestries for years after that, but once the memories of running through the nights in a piece of fabric (!) wore off, I became the greatest fan of the classic mandala.  Look at how it creates a whole universe on a wall with depth and many dimensions!

(dhyanaa tent-building DIY is right here!)

A home upgrade always welcome is a boho tent.  Yes you can build your own in a few minutes. The wheels are turning in my mind…

(urban outfitters)

I’d like this to be my beach + park blanket this year!  Because I only do 30 mins of actual sun these days (it’s awesome for vitamin D. and beyond that, future skin damage…) there’s always a shady tree or a big umbrella involved in my beach days, and so, a thinner bach tapestry will work beautifully.  I love these at the park all the time, but this one I super-love for it’s blooming graphic nature.

(cosmic fun from DENY)

And where would we be without cosmic tapestries? I’d hang this one in a nursery… or, as I think about it more, as one big curtain in my bathroom! You can have fun with these streched on the ceiling of a dining room, as tablecloths for picnics… thee are infinite ways this can beautifully stretch your world…

That’s what great design does, even when it’s an inexpensive tapestry: it expands the walls, widens the imagination, piles detail onto the story of the space… and, at it’s best, it does it with ease and grace.

xoxo!!! Dana

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