Feng Shui To Brilliantly Complete Big Projects (& Make Big Life Changes)!

May 8, 2017 | Prosperity

When things are not flowing straight or feel so big and unknown (like lots of big life changes and big projects can feel!), I head out to explore.

I learned this the hard way… by doing the opposite and sitting and thinking and pushing against things to try to get them in a line. And, I’m continually reminded of this as things pop up on the road of creating and living and making and doing.

If you’re stuck or scattered or feel that whatever is on your plate is very unfamiliar or big or chaotic… I feel you.  Nearly every big and bigger project (for me right now both personal and professional) feels like the vast unknown, and that unknown isn’t always comforting or exciting.

What it is, though, always, is a huge opportunity to step out into new realms and learn as I go.

After taking these leaps and jumps and making these decisions and switches for well over a decade, I have recognized the energies that are similar each time.  (Again, some learned the very hard way!) I’ve seen the same with clients, friends and in so many ways the stories recounted.

While every situation and every goal and dream and challenge has it’s own facets that are as unique as a snowflake, every one seems to require a high level of focus, faith and optimism- along with lots grace and flow.  And, the feng shui of it all can be supportive, encouraging and inspiring as you move forward and finish things brilliantly…!

Right now, three events, one eye with a stye in it, a huge production to complete and my clients… all in a few days… had me in a spin.

Some personal big stuff, to be sure, became apparent that I needed to take responsibility for as well.

And, so, it became an adventuring afternoon yesterday to gather up inspiration and get out of the dangerous space we all have experienced: too much thinking!

Feng Shui to focus your energy and stay in flow while getting stuff done is a big deal.  Disorder around you = disorder in your process.

That said, let’s start simple:

1. Clean your work spaces.  Clear your desk, clean your computer and phone, or your car, or any areas involved in your day.  If you’re in a personal time of challenge or growth, clear your house where you spend the most time, even just a bit.  The refresh will help your mind become more clear.

2. Ground yourself all the time.  I can’t stress this enough.  It’s one of the reasons I’ll head outside with my dog or to the park or to a museum or the beach when I am not feeling quite awesome.  Grounding takes energy out of your head and into your body.  Whether it’s a workout, a walk, deep breaths imagining energy flowing into the Earth or simply walking barefoot outside… this makes a big, resounding difference in the day.

3. Handle the priorities. While I know it’s more fun to do the things that are easy, if something complex is a priority, handle it directly.  This day is one big string of priorities, and when it’s done it’s going to bring so much more momentum to everything happening.

4. Details matter. If you’re determined to workout or do physical rehab of some kind and you’re not quite sure how to do the exercises, these details can spell the vital difference.  Details sometimes take time and diligence, but they are far more important that I can express.  In your home, for instance, if you have a dirty floormat that you step on all day, what message is that sending? Could a little refresh, shaking it out and cleaning it off, create details that feel more pulled-together? I have so many details to work out and each one is a relief to get sorted…!

5. Stay open to change.  I know it’s amazing to envision exactly how something should go, but,  staying open to how it unfolds is such a big deal. If you love to control outcomes like I have in the past, this can be hard to do, but the more grounded you are the easier it all can be… You never know if you’ll find a way to do things far superior to the one you had initially thought to do!

6. Organize your thoughts.  Mind maps, lists, charts… whatever gets things in some sort of order that’s useful is amazing.  The universe often reorganizes itself around your organization.

7. Experts are a good thing.  While sometimes I am the only expert in what I do that’s around (!) there are all sorts of experts I ask when I need feedback.  Taking on a project and thinking you have to do it all on your own fully from start to finish can be quite a burden that’s limiting!

8. See the signs.  I keep getting signs when I’m on the right track and when I’m not on the right track.  For me, the biggest sign is how I feel.  If I feel present and have no need to worry, I am personally on the right track!   How do you see and hear and feel your intuition? Do you follow it?

9. Keep feeling awesome. No matter what other people are doing.  No matter what you are “supposed to feel.”  Allow yourself to stay in a feel-good zone as these feelings are broadcast out everywhere…!

10. Keep going.  Because that’s what this is about, right? Take breaks, pace yourself… but keep on going.  In the end, you’ll know so much more about your own best ways of getting things done, and it becomes exponentially easier…!



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