Feng Shui Secrets (That Are Not A Secret!) To Empower Yourself & Build Wealth!

May 12, 2017 | Feng Shui 101, Prosperity

I know that wealth – money, cash, finances, freedom, abundance, creative richness, connection to life- can be a big thing whether you’ve got lots or little at the present moment.

The money gurus will tell you about the beliefs that are hindering you from money, some teachers of spiritual money principles out there will tell you that it’s your energy that’s keeping money from you… and you’ve heard all of this before, I am sure.

I did, too.

I’ve also done just about everything known to mankind to create a way past money “blocks” and let myself believe that it was an energy issue I had that kept wealth out of my hands and kept it from accumulating when it would come.

Recently I taught a live version of the Cash Camp (the feng shui wealth-building online Camp) and it was such an empowering exercise to prepare for it. It showed me so much about how I once was and how my work has evolved even in the past year or two. I’ve seen so many people turn their fortune around… so many homes and lives shift… it’s just… awesome.

Today I don’t want to share the “secrets to making money” or becoming 6 or 7 figure earners with a special system or anything else of the type of stuff that I avoid, personally.

What we all do and want and how we work is so personal, and… if that stuff works for you, please do it.

I’ve found this to be true, especially in the last few years, dynamically true :.

Abundance is everywhere. The trick seems to be to get that cart full of roses (or piles of money) loaded into your home, though… right?

But there’s no trick.

There are loads of actual ways to get wealth that are full of high energy and feel-greatness:

working super hard, investing wisely, inheriting, being gifted, having it come easily to meet your talents, winning it, all of it totally valid.

Yesterday, when I tried to blow dry Bob after a bath with a warm bit of air, his back curled up like a cat feeling put off by the sound. That’s the exact same visceral feeling I get when I hear that you can get rich quick or that there are secrets that no one knows but a handful of special people to unlock the keys to making money.

If it’s all just Law of Attraction and high vibes, why do some very dark energy people have tons of money? 

If it’s all so get-rich-quick and fool-proof why haven’t all the people who’ve invested in these systems gotten rich quick? 

Money, most certainly, is energy and in great measure it’s empowerment to the degree that it affords you freedom, safety and the ability to direct more of that energy toward things that matter to you.

I think we can all agree it feels way more freeing to have a full bank account than an empty one.

Here are a few ideas that may spark some of your own personal ways of amplifying your sense of power and ability to create wealth.

You aren’t damned or doomed or broken.  

And you don’t need any kind of “repair” before you can begin to prosper. Lots of “secrets to attaining riches” or higher levels of living are sort of common sense.   You aren’t broken if you feel broke at the moment. You may just need more order and the ability to hit the reset button on life.

Fresh Start Feng Shui can help you reset and feel more grounded in optimism and energy. You can learn more HERE if you’ve needed to just wipe the slate clean and start fresh.  

That said…

You may have habits that are making your life harder, or self-destructive things (compulsive shopping or spending, etc) to unravel, and there are support groups like Debtors Anonymous that can help immensely.  Committing to handling these things is a huge step in building wealth in my experience.

Compromising your health isn’t really wealth. 

Yesterday, I was asked on a panel talking about WELLTH (wellness + wealth) about what led me to what I do, and it was very clear. I chased wealth and wound up without health, hospitalized and in super-bad shape. When I got well, truly well, I started earning more than ever in stable ways. There was no magic involved, just a switch in priorities and a change in my environment to reflect that switch.

What makes me healthy comes first. My home reflects that in many ways. Can you shift priorities toward self care for feeling better every day physically and mentally and emotionally?

A magic carpet ride is misleading…

Work ethics are a real thing.

Truth: I still (albeit rarely) sometimes work 18 hour days  (with big breaks included!)and I still work weekends often and feel best when I’m really productive.

I truly believe that my work ethic is a big part of success. And… I almost lost my center in my work (and my grip on my business) when I became enticed to fall for the “magic carpet ride” in order to succeed in a bigger way.

What if you did a little more work on your work ethic? Not in a punishing way, but in a productive way?

Magic carpet mode in my mind is the distorted idea that is being spread by some that money just comes and there’s no need to work for it, ever.

I mean…who doesn’t want to believe that you can just make money because you’re in a “manifesting” mode. There’s validity to “manifesting” and the Law of Attraction, albeit incomplete, is a great tool, but… I am all about making things happen.

Don’t get me wrong :

More rest, more simplification, a clear mind to envision outcomes, high energy and more de-cluttered space all do make things immensely easier…


Work is real. Productivity makes you feel amazing. And… it doesn’t need to feel strenuous (nor does it have to be typical)but this energy exchange is super-important.

Some things may come easier to some people, but I’ve always worked a lot and found “luck” comes in while I’m busy doing things. 

The magic carpet ride— the “oh it’s just so easy and I barely work now” type thing- is a strange standard. It’s similar to photoshopped bodies on Instagram. Now we see photoshopped lifestyles.

If you happen to get every single dime in your life without any efforts, that is wonderful. I am so happy for you. But it’s a misleading idea to many to expect things without any exchange or anything, and I’ve found it confusing many people I’ve worked with who felt they had “energy problems” because they don’t have the money they want no matter how hard they envision it!

Let yourself be free of ideas that make you feel strange or strained surrounding your own wealth + work.

Also, comparing to “ideal images” is not useful. 

If you’ve been feeling defeated by the idea that if it’s not simple hours to put in to prosper and if you can’t fit your work for the week into 2 days so that you can spend the rest of the time on exotic adventures like those people on your instagram who seem so enviable in their wealthy lives— realize that this is their job, and you don’t have to hold yourself up to a standard where if your life isn’t as photogenic or curated to a seeming perfection.

If you think that wellness experts don’t have problems… they do! If you think that every fitness person is without body image issues… it’s not true. Artists doubt their talents and many work incredibly hard to get one image that’s just right.

No one I personally know who I admire who is truly doing well and living their dreams can say that they did it without a work ethic and without a sense that comparing themselves to other people was very unproductive.

Karma is a real thing even in Physics– actions have reaction, cause and effect creates the world.

This is my most favorite karma cleanse. It’s when I looked at my causes and effects personally that I could turn my financial world around, and it’s all very basic.

The feng shui $$$ that matters to me is about empowering your home + your life.

Wealth feng shui is about empowerment.

It’s about creating a space around you that reminds you of what you’re working toward.   It’s about supporting your highest good- and that includes great sleep, nourishing food and relaxing time to rest. It’s also about shoring up your energy both personally and within your home to have the most incredibly supportive space— no matter if it’s a dorm room or a castle.

Wealth feng shui that is full of superstition gives me the same feeling of my back curling like when I tried to blow dry my puppy Bob… it makes me feel very ill at ease.

Same with any sort of systems so complex that you’re spending more time trying to figure out how to accomplish the end product of doing the “success system” right than you spend working, creating, brainstorming or feeling confident.

Want to try a little empowerment for your home- no matter what state it’s in at the moment?

Right now, if you take a few minutes and open your windows and walk around your space, expressing your gratitude for every single thing you see and feel, from your front door straight through every room in your house.

“I’m grateful for this pillow… I’m grateful for this doorknob…”

You can touch it all as you go, every object of your gratitude. It’s a simple way to get grounded in your space so that you can work with a more clear mind and tap into your own creatively electricity and open all the doors to more wealth.

Simple stuff. Personalize, simplify and use whatever strikes you…!

Basics are beautiful as they keep things grounded. Eliminating mysteries and feelings of inadequacy are awesome. Cleaning up your home and tapping into your space is confidence-building.

I am wishing you loads of wealth!



P.S.: The Cash Camp is coming soon.

Eight weeks of fortune-building Feng Shui to get your money in order & your wealth growing starts soon!

And… the FREE intro video series to break down three of the big blocks to money in your space & your life kicks things off.  

HERE’s where to go to get started! (xoxo!)


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