Are You Optimizing Life Way Too Much?

May 18, 2017 | Prosperity

(The Glowing Fridge Unicorn Toast)

Could you really ever make life far too optimized?

We are, after all, in the midst of massive breakthroughs in life-optimization.  In my neighborhood, the entire line of Bulletproof brain supplements, coffees and nutrients promise an optimized neurology, metabolism and much more in concert with lifestyle switches.  There are new diets proliferating that are heavy on ketogenics.  There are forms of meditations, “healing” and life maximization that promise you will become a massive major peak performer.  I live in a vortex of high-performance workouts that are leagues beyond Crossfit in their detailing and intensity, bodywork that is mixed with magic and mushroom powders that may be a key to balancing diets.

This is just a sliver of what optimization is proliferating everywhere.

It’s really creative, fascinating, and overwhelming all at once.

There’s also tech optimization, linking your whole home to your phone or watch, and there’s optimization of dating apps and even ways to optimize relationships proliferating everywhere.  There are optimized meal plans, optimized parenting rules and technologies, optimal brain exercises…

You can, quite literally, take any part of life and push it beyond a limit.

And…as awesome as it is when you have a specific issue to address, resolve and heal, too much optimization can have the opposite of prosperous results.

Today, let’s look at the creative + abundance block of DOING TOO MUCH to optimize life.

Everything that makes you feel great is worth doing.  And some of us need more help that others to balance hormones, moods, inflammation or other physical imbalances.  Many of us need more help that others to stay organized.  Some of us have a harder time with focus and productivity.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong I can imagine about optimizing life where there’s been an issue to overcome, or a passion to extend yourself.  I’ve had to turn my life into a deep focus on healing after a major illness, and I see the great benefits when others around me do the same.

Ultimately, though, once my health was restored I couldn’t stay in my extreme focus on my health and have a balanced & creative life.

The great things, the awesome habits and my own best ways to optimize things for my body, all stayed with me as a new form of normal daily routine.  And, my focus shifted from intensive healing, slowly but surely, back to more balanced living.

I actually got sick in the first place from trying to optimize life too much, and neglecting the actual living and enjoying of life in the process.

Deep cleanses that were brutal on my body, incredible intensity in work that was brutalizing, incredible pressure to put forth and image that I was “winning” every day, hyper-focus on too many supplements, too many long hours, too many and too much focus on everything that was wrong that could be optimized.

Are you doing some form of this to yourself… optimizing too much so that it becomes it’s own job, it’s own confusion and it’s own form of stress?

What would happen if you took the pressure- and the too many rituals and routines and self-imposed standards- away?

Less stress, more freedom, more enjoyment, less pressure, more fun, less thinking, more flow…!!!


To not avoid the obvious: Now, of course, it’s my actual JOB, in all irony, to introduce and share with you all the new ways to optimize life, creativity and prosperity… tools that can be valuable to wellness, wealth and abundance on every level.  To do that job with responsibility, there has to be balance and artfulness involved. I don’t have a house that is 100% perfect and I don’t want that; I want a house that supports me.  That’s what I hope to share with you: less perfection and more creative magic.    Also, all this self-betterment, in my mind, should come from a place where you are already whole, worthy and wonderful- the extra tools are just pure fun and expansive and awesome.

I know it’s super-fun to experiment with unicorn superfoods, wild essential oils, miracle supplements and every single way to live a better life that’s bursting into mainstream life more and more every day.

Most of these things I have had around me- from the deep underground raw food dealers to the super-underground healers- in Los Angeles for well over a decade.  I have had my round of rainbow diets nearly 15 years ago, I’ve hyper-optimized my mind 5 different ways (all to no avail!!!) and I’ve known of nearly every therapy and tried many over the 15 years of riding the waves of Los Angeles wellness.  I’m thrilled to see so many things start to become mainstream… but… today felt like a good day to say that too much of a good thing can become it’s own problem.

Even too much emphasis on just one area of life for far too long can lead to a real imbalance.

The single best way to optimize life in this explosion of awesome life optimization that I’ve found so far:  to accept who I am, as I am, 200,000%. And keep accepting myself no matter what. 

I stopped looking for fixing and started with gratitude.  I stopped focusing on what was wrong more and more. I stopped believing that there were shortcuts and started believing in the process.

If you’re trying to find a pill, potion or some feng shui to zoom past this step, you’re always going to be searching for the next way to optimize, and you’ll always come up a bit empty-handed no matter how many matcha turmeric smoothies and floating in salt water tanks you visit…!

Love yourself as you are and suddenly every thing that you can dream of optimizing is not springing forth from a broken place, but from a feel-great place.

Your morning smoothie = a feel good concoction, not a penalty for years of a less-than-wonderful lifestyle.

Exercise is a feel great, creatively-expansive endeavor = not a punishment, a pursuit of perfection or anything else. 

Energy clearing and Healing=  empowerment.  You aren’t seeking healers to continually try to fix your energies or wipe away demons (!!!) so you align with Law of Attraction things or anything else that is common to hear these days.  Healers are wonderful when you need the healing, but they’re not from a place of being hooked in and feeling in incredible need for healing no ostensible reason but to be “the best” in some way.  

Feng shui is best as a way to support your dreams and your abundance, not as the “cure” to things that are “wrong with you.” 

Feel the difference?

Enjoying every part of life- and every step of the building and growing- is pretty beautiful in my mind. It doesn’t all need to be fast-tracked, systematized and optimized every moment of the day, does it?   That can be robotic, self-damning, disempowering and totally devoid of creativity in my experience… and it can turn things thast were once easy into complex tasks.

I mean, imagine you couldn’t make a move without a shaman’s input, you couldn’t eat without a nutritionist and an app, you couldn’t sleep without a sleep tracker and a special mattress and you couldn’t have a relationship without feedback regularly from your love coach…

That is what I see so often it’s wild;  it’s the extreme version of too much life optimization.

It’s creatively damning, self-sabotaging and ultimately super-miserable in all the complication it creates.

I still slip up and find myself looking for a unicorn to solve something quickly when the solution is a process to evolve…!   It makes things complex, strained and confusing.  Then I go back to balance!

Let your ways of self betterment be fun and light and freeing, and you might see progress where you are stuck.  Let yourself be intuitive.  Let your home be a little less “perfect” and a lot more filled with love.  Let your own best ways to live evolve, expand and grow.  Take yourself away from any people, places, ideas or activities that demand an extreme compliance to a standard that doesn’t feel right in life or love or art.

You are your best guide to living your best life.  The unicorn fields of charcoal coffee, moringa leaves and the essences of wild bush plants are all there for the fun and expansion, like new colors to use to paint the canvas of your dreams.



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