Getting Back To Basics To Create A Glowing & Magnetic Life!

May 18, 2017 | Creativity

(love this from Lara Casey!!!)

I’m so blown away by how complex things can become….

When you’re in stride and feeling awesome you can move mountains with your mind, but when things get off track, a simple thing like sending emails or returning phone calls can feel like an epic and heroic endeavor.

I feel pretty much awesome and I am experiencing a great big lag in getting a few calls made and emails sent… so on a less-than-perfect day, what is there to do to get things back in order and get the “luck” flowing?

Making luck to me is all about making momentum happen in positive ways.

When life feels too full, too complicated, too much conspiring against you, one idea to shift the energy fast is to be super-simple and get back to basics.

My favorite basics to have smoother and more synchronicity-filled days are a reminder for me to stay out of extremes, out of overwhelm and out of over-complication.

Gratitude is the ultimate basic. There are so many studies to read about gratitude, and my most favorite is the simple idea of jotting down three things you are grateful for every day:

Wakeup World explains ” …Harvard researcher and author Shawn Achor told “Something as simple as writing down three things you’re grateful for every day for 21 days in a row significantly increases your level of optimism, and it holds for the next six months. The research is amazing.””

Yes that is very amazing. 3 things a day. Takes a few seconds. Feels amazing. I do it before bed. Sometimes I feel like I’m bursting with joy I’m so happy afterward. Gratitude is grounding and grounded energy is empowered.

Humility is awesome.

Arrogance happens in so many ways— like thinking we know everything, that we deserve things just because we are a good person, that we owe nothing to others in terms of gratitude (!), that we are right even if there is no right answer, thinking we’re better than others. We all have our own arrogance (for me— to mask my own fear) that can be a coping mechanism to feel good-enough when you’re not feeling good enough, intrinsically. It’s so much easier – and far more magnetic- to be truly humble, face all the awkward moments in life, open up and listen, learn and keep moving forward. Life humbled me many times to knock me off of my arrogant block in the past (!) and I see others standing in their own way and destroying good things in their lives with arrogance all the time.

Humility— focusing on others, on giving, on listening, realizing there is only a personal best…It’s sometimes as simple as letting everyone talk and choosing to listen, intently. Sometimes it’s being willing to not bemoan the challenges that “you don’t deserve” (do we ever deserve them?) and facing them with a steady mind and determination. It’s giving sometimes instead of getting all the time. It’s being truly interested in others.

Humble isn’t weak, it’s awesome. And more rewarding, too. This is a life-changing shift!

Make every day a celebration.

love yourself

There are so many ways to celebrate a day with simple actions. My favorites of the moment are naps, baths and movies. Soon we’ll be in the season of beaches and hikes.   Sometimes it’s getting a super-superfood smoothie. Sometimes it’s a book I’ve always wanted to read (and there’s one right now I want very badly!!!)… and it’s all a part of a life that’s rich and dynamic and fun.

And it’s all very easy.

Don’t discount the simple stuff. It’s usually what really works like magic.

xoxo Dana

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